Value of used 1990s Natas Kaupas Skateboard


I have an early 1990s Natas Kaupas deck, in good condition for its age, which I am thinking of selling. Any ideas how much I should ask for it?


Pics please.

I reckon it’s the kitten one.
Just because It’s what my mate had in 1990.

I think it’s the misspelled one, the ‘Santa Monca Airlines’ one. I which case it’s worthless but I’ll give the dude £50 for it out of sympathy.


101 or SMA?

I’m guessing that it will be the 101 Challenger Boom deck.

Oh didn’t notice he said 1990s.

Hi all, it’s a Santa Monica Airlines deck. Pictures attached.

is that about 87-88 though?

Yeah based on shape alone (no nose etc) - that’s a late 80’s model, not a 90’s one.
I have no idea of a price but it’ll deffo be worth more than it’s original price to the right collector.

It’s not bad condition but not great. Plenty of NOS OG ones floating around. I know it says rare but it’s not that rare. Very popular model though as so many people had it when they were a kid.

find a buyer through ~ Index or stick it on eBay with plenty of good photos. I’d say minimum £200 but I have been out of the game for a very very long time and this is a rough guess on 5 mins of research.

I bought it new in 89/90 and hasn’t been used for the last twenty years. Thanks all for your help, ill let you know how it goes.

*30 years…