Vans Europe, 'Where is Tom?' Full Length

A full length in this day and age? By the Euro team of a big shoe brand? Hosted on Thrasher?

Featuring Thackery, Maatman, Willow Voges and others. Vans Europe consistently more productive than their US counterparts.


Blimey, the last dude is a charger. Totally reckless hairball shit. Those repeated slams he took in that waterpark in the credits looked awful.


finally had enough time to watch this - fuck me!
incredible authentic ATV skating on here.

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Kind of tripping how this video thread only has 4 posts in three days.
Martini is shockingly good. So are all the others.


I’ve just finished it. I didn’t expect it to hold my attention as I don’t know all the dudes (and still don’t), but it’s really good - skating, music, vibes all top quality. That last dudes ender was mad.

End credits were great as well, which is always the sign of a quality full length

First run of warm days in about 6 months

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Starter and ender sections were so good!!