Vans ' 'Much Quiet'

Haven’t watched yet but there’s been a fair bit of blurb about this in the run up so figured it ought to warrant a thread.
Will report back when I’ve watched it


Condensing all posts…

Live review - yes Helena Long opening part.
Stoked to see her get a part this long in something high profile like this

French trio sick too - dreamy pop and serial killer fits

Two really grim Rory slams but lots of good lines - Brady too - fans of his repertoire will be hyped here

Dustin slam to land ratio is slightly concerning.
Bluntslide slam is grim
Watching him feels like watching one of those public information films warning you to not let your granny change lightbulbs on her own

early grab varials are hot right now eh?
Paging Blinly


Yes Chris Oliver in there killing it at what 41 ish?
Wonder if he gets paid by Vans? In fact I wonder who actually does get paid here as this is ‘proper’ Vans Europe team I think.

Not sure about the amount of shoegaze in this mind but I guess it’s current, along with ollieing stuff to kerb trick combos, grass rides and half kickflips (see also that Breeana part)


Apologies for all the posts.

Drop in guy has some wild trou

Sam Sitayeb has some good stuff here - Viccy benches line etc
Wasn’t expecting to hear Prefab Sprout - Joseph B’s part is deece too


Enjoyed Brady’s trick into the painted green banks round the back of Anish Kapoor’s studio in Camberwell. I’ve been riding past them for years but never seen them skated before.

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Loved the escalator ollie by Jake Church, in fact all his stuff just had a loose unpredictable style to it. Couldn’t predict the next trick at all, maybe my favourite bit.

Everyone was amazing though, Brady is just timeless isn’t he. Heavy LAF vibes with the Black Hoody/Beanie/Bigspins/Bluntslides

As anon said love to see Helena be given a full individual section especially the opener! She’s been on the scene for so long but never felt like she’s had a proper part so this is great to see

Sam Sitayeb is so good but feel like those tight ankle swinger chinos do his style no favours

Joseph Bias part was heavy but that song was a bit too low key and repetitive for ‘last part’. I love Prefab Sprout but didn’t feel like the best choice, only criticism on the edit

Will be giving a rewatch for sure, had such a cohesive, team feel which shoe company videos rarely ever do. Sirus really killed it

Personally I don’t think a 5/6 stair ollie should be in a video of this magnitude even if it is down an escalator

Brady was the standout as always with anything he features in

Haha fair enough, I mean if you put it like that but thought it was a cool idea that looked good, popping off the moving top step really appealed to me


These combats (???) caught my attention

Tactical postman/drug delivery system kegs


Possibly the best trick in the video. Incredible he’s still doing it!


I’m a fan of Sirus’ work! I’m also a big shoegaze fan. Top marks! Amazing to see Brady still giving it a more than legit go, props

Was this the Vans Euro B team? Notable absence of Pfanner, Nyberg etc.

Sirus put this together nicely but some of the skating is a bit lacklustre.

Just Vans UK/France, right? Not the whole of Europe.

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Like Daniel Castillo in Mouse


After moaning about the Primitive video yesterday, this has gone too far in the other direction!

MAJOR quality control issues throughout. Standouts for me were the last 2 parts - Sam Sitayeb and Joseph Bias.

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Standard of skating?

Yeah interested to hear what warranted a capital MAJOR?

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