Vans - Nice To See You

Mad thing is that in the credits the list of “editors” has 8 names on it…(?!)
Greg Hunt is in there but it doesn’t seem like a Greg Hunt project, if that makes sense?

edit: just seen it’s being called a “collaborative film”, so I guess a mash of lots of different skaters, filmers, scenes + editors.

Hunt edited Chima’s section - says so at the end of the Thrasher solo part upload.

Chima part is next level. So many good clips!

I’m fond of that Dusty Springfield track as we used to have a 60s completion tape in our car that we’d have playing on the way to school every day.

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Too busy to watch it all (until tomorrow).
Just watched Breanna and Chima’s parts - FUCKING HELL
Vans shitting on all other shoe brand’s output again

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Hyped on the Sunny Day Real Estate song.

Quick question, probably for @buildafire or @anonymity : has anyone ever skated to Accident Prone by Jawbreaker?

must have - i cant think who but someone has

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I would like to imagine Mason Silver skating to this.

Yeah, like a proper burler. Maybe Salman Agah

well would you look at that!


Loving Chima’s fakie hammers. The best type of hammers. The second song was a banger but more for a slow dance with your girl after a few drinks, not a skate part. Solid though, he’s decent.

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Loved this clip!! Although some hating on Chima here, there was me thinking it was probably one of his best parts! The music was great throughout with a great diverse mix of skateboarding … Vans basically owning the footwear game output in 2021


It works better as the end song to the last part in a 45 minute video which you’ve just sat through, for a stand alone part the song seems a bit odd.

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Holy shit haha.

Couldn’t agree more.
Welcome to the forum.

Banging username given the Dadsnet levels on here too


I’ve actually resorted to calling this place Dadsnet now. The wife finds it hilarious.




mate !

so good

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Wow AF

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Thanks guys!