Vans - Nice To See You

Premiering on YT at 1am but I’ll just be watching first thing in the morning.

Good line up!

00:00 – 03:45 – Nick Michel
03:46 – 08:18 – Australia
08:19 – 12:41 – Ronnie Sandoval
12:42 – 15:16 – Alexey Krasniy
15:17 – 18:13 – Notis Aggelis
18:14 – 23:03– Japan
23:04 – 28:00 – Dustin Henry
28:01 – 33:22 - Diego Todd/Pedro Delfino
33:23 – 34:26 - Wang Guohua
34:27 – 37:18 - Breana Geering
37:19 – 43:13 – Chima Ferguson


Chima’s part is incredible.

The switch 360 flip at Martin Place is rad.


Rad, looking forward to watching that with a beer or two after work. Ta!

He’s so good but nothing about that part makes me want to go out and skate

And yeah that back 3 at Martin Place was sick!

Breanna kinda looks like a grown up Oliver Grosso

SOTY season has officially started!

Watched the whole thing this morning.
Really enjoyed the whole affair…
So much sick stuff in there - and so many sick spots never seen before.

Amazing, maybe this is the part that will make me not forget about Chima an hour after watching it. Really sick.

Chima’s always been sick, he dropped off the radar there for a bit didn’t he. Then had that gnarly photo a few weeks back. Looking forward to watching this


It will make you pack a board when you come visit me. I know all the (smallish) ledge spots in the clip :joy:

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I’d say he’s benefited from Vans doing regular videos - Propeller, Spinning Away and now this. He’s been pretty solid coverage wise.

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Yeah the lines were a bit weird. The hammers were ok. The music didn’t go.

Dunno how I’ve never heard of Spinning Away. I skipped straight to Chima’s part cause of the time stamps. Loved the part, didn’t love the music. His kid was not up for a kick about, but liked how he included them! Will check rest tomorrow.

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fuck me that was so good

he’s got 2 years on me as well i’d better start skating stairs again

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Any UK heads in this?

I’ve only watched the Chima part, will watch the full video later.

Obviously it’s incredible. But did anyone else thing the editing was pretty dull? Greg Hunt usually smashes it, but it felt like he didn’t really try with this.

Yeah, Helena is in there.

I’ve always thought Chima has had banging music choices on video parts.

I thought Chima’s edit was quite slow but I couldn’t fault that skating. Dude is a year younger than me and doing that shit is mind blowing isn’t it :exploding_head: