Vans Shop Riot 22

The Vans Shop Riot hits LS-Ten (originally The Works) in Leeds this year on Saturday 6th August.

Welcome are hosting a jam at Hyde Park the evening before with obstacles sponsored by The National and Baglady.

See you there?


I’m driving the KVLT team up in the Merc . We can’t wait to be back , Riot is the highlight of the year for the team .
We’re there for the party with the shops more than a win.
Bring it


Yep! :beers::beers::beers:


I’m going to be on the competitive drinking team for both Welcome and Division 24.
Another forum meet up!


Might see if I’m allowed to tag along with the Decimal boys…

Girlfriends birthday weekend and off to Amsterdam so not gonna be able to make any of the events sadly even tho am Leeds based!

Big Tone LOVES a skate jam

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Coincidently I am also in Amsterdam that weekend so can’t make it. We should figure out a secret n26 wave in advance.

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I’ll be the guy that looks like this if you wanna coordinate outfits! See you on the canals brother x

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