Vert skaters

How many vert skaters do we have on here? Where do you skate? What gear do you use?
I skate at the Backwoods ramp, in outer London. I’m riding a carbon composite slick deck made by Kape (Austria) 8 3/8” x 14.75” WB,Theeve trucks and 58mm Formula 4s. Paincheaters kneepads or 187s and POC helmet.

Planned miniramp warmup area being built this week at the side of the vert ramp

I think I qualify for this category, although I do skate vert, I skate everything else as well.

Here’s a backside turn grab on the local from last summer before I blew my shoulder out.


Great picture and great air

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The remodelled Backwoods vert ramp

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I finally got round to getting permissions to upload this:

Lance & Cab Vert Demo at Birmingham Wheels 1988



I’ve dropped in on a vert ramp once about 15 years ago (the one at Bolton skatepark) and will never do it again. Terrifying.

The worlds smallest vert ramp :joy:.

Still gnarly though well done.

Haha. Yeah it had like 1 foot of vert but don’t take it away from me

found this in a park when I took my daughter to the aquatic centre a few weeks ago (apols for scooter, it’s the clearest pic I could find)

tempted to give it a go but they just finished this in the opposite direction so will spend time here first I reckon:

the hips are at the worst fucking angle though, there’s no run out from them.

saw that stupid bendy rail off and you’ll be fine.