VHS tapes for sale

Having a clear out of all my old VHS tapes and have a few left if anyone out there is interested? All PAL copies and all play ok.

Blueprint WFTW £10 each
First Broadcast £10
Welcome To Hell £12
Zero Thrill Of It All £12
Alien Workshop Photosynthesis £12 (box colours are faded)
Es Menikimati £12 (good box), £8 (battered box)
411 12 £12
Osiris The Storm £10
Bones Brigade Video Show £15
Propaganda £15
Animal Chin £15
411 6 £15
411 46 £5
Attack £10

Open to offers etc for multiples or would trade for pre 2000 stickers depending on brand

Also have loads of old mags to clear out Sidewalk/Document/Thrasher/Transworld/Slap/The Skateboard Mag/Skateboarder if anyones interested let me know as they all need to go.

Theres some Sidewalks I need.

I’ll take WFTW, FB and Menikamti, do us a deal guv!

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Check with buildafire he collects mags

Only really need a few Thrashers from '81 now.

Rare beasts them I’d imagine

Not many about because they were large format and on shitty paper. Pretty hard to keep hold of.

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I’ve offloaded plenty to him already! He won’t take anymore!


Would be mad to scan the lot, everything, OCR all the text, facial recognition all the pics and tag colours/spots/photog

Think of all the graphs you could produce with all that useless info

Someone/thing will do it eventually though aye