Vision DVD help!!

Hi guys, new here. Need some help getting info on a DVD I found at home.

I’ve just put it for sale on eBay but I cannot find another one like it!

Has anyone seen or heard of it?

Well, that worked. Purchased. Now please don’t start threads for this stuff, there’s a Selling Your Stuff thread.

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It’s a compilation DVD that presumably got reissued around the time Top Man/Selfridges (iirc) started selling Vision stuff again.
Probably rare for no reason other than the fact that there won’t have been much demand for it and Vision didn’t have UK distro.

This is conjecture based on what I can remember about the Vision reboot about 15 years back

LOL I did not put it on here as an ad! but thanks for buying :smiley:
will get it wrapped up and ready for post in a min.

I was interested in information as know nothing about the DVD. Late 80’s I was still in nappies. Wasn’t until very early 2000’s I got into skating and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Purchased on the off-chance of hidden Gonz extras.


I’ve seen some vision clips from years back where (I think) they skate wallows and take part in some kind of radio show…but it was one of those instances where it was chopped up and mixed with loads of snowboarding/surfing on some obscure euro satellite channel

Oh great.

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it is a skateboarding DVD not eurotrash MTB lol