‘Wake up Massi’ NB Numeric vid

Lots of excellent stuff in here - tons of UK heads (Dale Starkie, Will Sheerin, Connie Gascoigne and Charlie Munro) plus Dee Collins, Massimo and more.
Great work @sk8arrog8


Brilliant vid this, particularly loved the dope Dee and Charlie bit but it all gets the thumbs up from me.

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Yeah I agree - lots of very good skating, great filming/editing and music.
Everyone rips but it really feels as though Massimo, Dale and Dee are about to blow up.


I watched it with Leo in the shop and we both said something similar. No diss intended to anyone else making vids and it’s one of those things I can’t comment on much because I know f all about grading or aspect ratios or anything but the skating looks very professionally presented beyond the level most UK vids seem to reach.

Thanks gents :heart:

Enjoyed making this one with the crew. Already out in Sicily filming for the next one x


Wow that was great! Top work all. Charlie’s Nollie Heel - Nollie was amazing. To land already with his feet in the right position is unreal!

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Euros have been really smashing things recently. The vans video was a shocker too.

Absolutely banging from all involved. That Andrew Verde is so satisfying to watch it’s like tricks happen before they’ve happened, like liquid.

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Who is the guy with clips next to Charlie, really digging that guy.

It’s either Dee Collins or Massimo depending on if you mean ‘with Charlie’ or ‘after Charlie’

Their clips were mixed in together I thought. Was riding national boards

This guy?

Nah more joggers and glasses

Ahh, gotcha. Dee Collins then.


Last part in this @neddy You saw this, right?

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Personally I think Dee Collins has one of the more unique styles out there right now. Dude is rad, I’d kill for a pop shuv like his :sunglasses:

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Nah haven’t watched that