Weird knee/tendon injury story

A few years back, after a boxing session I sat on the floor, crossed my (straight) legs (right over left) and it felt like something ‘popped’ at the back of my left knee. Felt like a tube of cold water had split. And then I couldn’t walk, or even get to my feet, for about 4 hours.

Bizarrely, after getting a cab directly to hospital and waiting for an hour, I could walk fine, like nothing had happened. This was about 5 or 6 hours later. But obvs something did happen. Still puzzles me and was wondering if anyone else has had anything like this before?

Have you tried walking on water after that?


fucking hell, bring back the jamiroquai chat.


was so weird. Like a small balloon of cold water popping and spreading, very strange and incredibly painful. disabling. thought I’d be in a wheelchair for a few weeks at least

Knees are weird, I completely snapped my ACL but felt nothing apart from the popping sensation and then just horrible wobbliness when I got up and tried to keep skating. Realised what I’d done and kept expecting the pain but never really had any, not even after the hamstring graft that he did to fix it and right through rehab.

Snapping my ACL was super painful and it hurt for months afterwards. The hamstring graft didn’t take properly so I still haven’t got one and now when it pops out of joint occasionally it’s completely painless.

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That is mental, I heard Chroliver did this. I think he went to doc and he had no ACL and it was the other tendons holding his knee together.

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Yeah, a lot of people elect to just leave it, you can walk and even run with no ACL but if you’re doing anything with any twisting or if you fall wrong then it’s not good.

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Needs some canned heat on that knee

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Wasn’t there a short clip (like 2 secs) in Sound & Vision of someone (Jason Lunn maybe?) popping his knee in and out? Looked double jointed or something

jesus I don’t think I’ve run since mid 00s

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I can do this with my shoulder. Like I can literally get that whole of my arm out of the socket and pop it back in. Sometimes I wake up and it’s not in the socket any more. First time was worse than breaking my leg, now I barely feel it, unless it happens by accident, when it hurts like shit. It’s why I had to stop skating.

I should get surgery but CBA.

Similar to mine Spanky, and something I have moaned about on here constantly, still none the wiser what actually happened. I didn’t feel water particularly but it felt cold like dentist anaesthetic. I just jumped up a small wembley gap and my knee went slightly backwards and there was an audible pop and the sensation. I hopped over to the grass thinking i’d fucked my acl but it wasn’t painful. I walked around for a while, even tried to start skating again then it started to seize and hurt. This was probably nearly 10 years ago and I still get pain and if i’m doing yoga certain positions make it feel like it’s popping out sidewards. I had MRI’s on it and nothing showed up. Specialist physio has outlined many other issues this whole leg has and that was helping but I haven’t been able to go and i’m laxxing on my exercises.
So, definitely get it looked at, many times, many different doctors, specialists, don’t do what I did because it won’t fix itself.

if i skate longer than 2 hours my left knee swells up at the back and is difficult to bend for a few days. No specific injury I can pin point it to, just a function of time.

Haven’t skated really since July. Tried, but last a few mins.

Torn the same meniscus I tore last time, plus osteoarthritis and a medical term I forget which means water on the knee.
Nightmare as it affects work and non-skate work. After seeing the doctor in August, I’ve finally been referred for surgery a month ago after seeing numerous people, but they can’t give me a date till Feb due to backlog as they’ve only managed half the surgeries this year due to covid.

The work thing sucks, but most of all during lockdown 1.0, I was really beginning to feel good on my board again - even learning tricks - as I was skating most days whereas for years, aside from pushing while filming/travelling, I was only skating every couple of weeks.