Welcome skate store in Bordeaux

Went to the premiere of this - just went up on vague.
Strong work all round from forum heads and Welcome’s great team.


Thanks @anonymity :heart:

I’d say we tagged onto The National premiere though haha. 2.5 dry days over a week in Bordeaux probably isn’t worth a prem of it’s own. We did what we could. Don’t go to Bordeaux in late October if you’re expecting to skate, that’s all I’ll say.


Really rad video.

Really liked the song, and I looked it up and its by a comedian. Is his Netflix stuff worth checking out? I recognise him from Promising Young Woman.

Sheerin performing vastly underrated straight kickflip off a ledge travelling frontside.
Such a weird move to get ones head around.

Nice work, as ever @sk8arrog8


Yeah it’s Bo Burnham. His standup stuff is ok but can be hit and miss. However, his ‘Inside’ special on Netflix is really great.

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Fuck you used Bo Burnham, will watch this tonight!

Will sheerin crook flip master

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Fired all those out as if it was nowt within a small timeframe. So good one of my favourite pals to watch skate. Also Andrea Dupree is infact best tour guide ever

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