Okay, long time lurker, first time poster. Haven’t skated in about ten years. Looking for old man sessions in the Bristol/Bath area. Anyone out there…?

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Nope, but if you’re ever up Hull way give me a shout, I’m in the same boat…

Cheers Will. I’ll bear that in mind. I lived in Middlesbrough in the late 90s but don’t make it up north much these days…

Middlesbrough, the 90s, you say? Did you used to skate the boulevard?

Midget, there’s a scene around Midsomer Norton (MSN) - they go further afield too. Maybe look up Brett Dye off of Rush skatepark too. He’s got fingers in all kinds of pies :wink: Should be able to find them on Facebook … unless they’re lurking here :scream_cat:

Yeah, mainly the boulevard, also that tennis court in Albert park and the odd trip to Fast Eddies…

Thanks Nut, that sounds interesting. I’ve never been but the MSN park looks really good.

I’m around the Bath area. I’d be up for that. Already met one Dad the first time I went to the Victoria Park skate park in Bath so there’s people about.

@ShadowClaw0 Nice one, I’m in Keynsham so probably not that far from you. Given the weather, my post Christmas physical condition and the likelihood of me hitting very cold concrete multiple times, I’m thinking maybe I should give it a month or so (and hopefully some slightly warmer weather) before I venture out.

Is there a way to DM on here?

Hit your profile icon top right hand corner, then your profile pic on the left. Messages is in there


@Spanky Cheers…

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