What happened to Alex Moul?

Last post about him in here was April 23, his most recent instagram post was around then too.
For those that don’t know, there was an emergency go fund me appeal to raise a bunch of cash and save his teeth . I donated a tenner and gave up sugary drinks cos I found the photo so traumatising!
Any info would be great, thanks.


Yer haven’t heard shit, I’ll ask around. Put a few feelers out.

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I too wondered this. His wife has posted more recently though (although not since last year).
Hope Alex is okay - that whole teeth situation must’ve been awful.

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I had a similar thought a couple months back and PM’ed him on insta. Got no reply. Thought maybe he was just off socials.

Be good to know he’s okay…

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Messaged you know who, he’ll know whats happening.

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Donated so hopefully he got enough to sort it. Teeth are crazy things to keep maintained.

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He’d better not have spent it on jungle records


Roots are done. Waiting on teeth to be put in. Promised the moustache is going when they are.


Reckon he’ll drop a part too?

Related note is that I watched Spirit of the Blitz last weekend. Cool story etc but he was ripping, pretty sure I learnt impossibles off the back of slo-motioning the VHS :smile:


Thanks @neddy x


No worries I’d been wondering as well.


Teeth shit done right is pretty traumatising.

So I just assumed it would be a long road and would be pretty hard to keep posting and have the constant questions whilst it’s ongoing.


How come Andy Roy was sorted out in a weekend?

Because you assume he will die before his street league concrete skatepark quality teeth fuck up.

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Did you see them though

Like pantone #ffffff brilliant white, proper L.A. smile, completely and obviously false

If I had my grill replaced I’d get the colour done to be better than average for my age, not freshly painted skirting board


Did anyone else see the Shane McGowan doc when he got his done? The dentist was a massive fan and did it for free. They had to make them yellower than the first go they did and it still looked far too white on the reveal. The reveal is a proper comedy/touching moment.

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Pretty sure we broached this subject before but the Turkey teeth, all perfect white and completely straight (ala A. Roy) send me in this weird uncanny valley. I’d ask for a hint of yellow and have one slightly crooked.

Isn’t that a hex colour


Hex colour for white yer

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