What Instagram thinks you like

This is actually amazing. Go to Settings - Security - Access data - (scroll to bottom) ads interest

First on mine: Kenyan hip hop


Post yours

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adidas Yeezy can fuck right off


Wtf. Nope.

Fucking hell

it just goes on forever too


Longboard Tatchell…

Personal account slightly closer. About 5% accurate, maybe.

Instagram does not know I exist, I like it that way.

Fitness girls, goth subculture


One Direction ….

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Fucking longboard!

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I kind of like how they know I exist but misunderstand me so much

Hahaha! I’ll take my One Direction.

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Ha, true.

Vegan recipes and smoked meats

Kill me now. Second on the list is scooters


At least Skateboard came up before Longboard on mine, haha.

Scooters and Longboards, double whammy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Atleast it distracts from Jordon Sparks at the bottom.

i’m going to blame my 7 y/o for both of those entries…what is a Wacom and Jordin Sparks? i’m worried about googling them at work

But they know you like Jerkin’

Wacom is the brand of drawing tablets.