What is the state of the UK skate industry?

Ok, so depending on if you remember the location that used to appear beside my name or not on the Sidewalk forums, you might know that I’ve lived in Melbourne, Australia for the last 13 years…

Because of that, slowly but surely, I’ve become a complete outsider on what’s going on in the UK skateboard industry and the surrounding events etc…

So, my simple question, can someone explain to me, assuming that I have no knowledge of it, what’s the state of the UK skateboard industry at the moment?


What brands are popular, why are they popular? How do people discover brands?

What events happen? How do you find out about them?

Is there a void where Sidewalk/Document and the big brands (Death, Blueprint etc) once tied everything together?

etc etc

Dunno about anyone else but here in Surrey everyone is about Palace and Supreme, Louis Vuitton and anything Blondey is involved with.