What parts do I need to custom build my own board?

Hi Folks, i’m totally new to the world of skateboarding and i’m going to custom build a board for my daughter for Christmas. I’ve already got a local artist to personalise the deck for her but i need to buy the rest of the parts and build it. So my question is basically what do i need to get? I know i need trucks as the artist told me that i need to get them, however will i have to buy the wheels and whatever else separately? Or is there a complete apparatus that has everything on it which i can buy and fix on?

Cheers guys


You will need:
Grip tape
Truck bolts (to hold the trucks onto the board)

Remember to out the trucks with the kingpins facing towards each other. And don’t get silly sized wheels, 52-55mm should be about right

How wide is the board? You’ll need to get the right width trucks to fit it

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Hey thanks for getting back to me, that’s a great help. That’s a good question, i emailed the artist to find out how wide the board is because it is not a full size. It’s definitely a kids size board (my daughter is only 6) i went to see it today and if i was to guess it looks like a mini deck probably about 7" in width. The art on the board is really good but i think the trucks will cover up some of the art which is a bit of a pain as i never took that into account. Is there such a thing as transparent trucks?

Sadly not, but good on you for setting it up. Sounds like a great present and hopefully she’ll have enough fun on it that you won’t miss a few square inches of graphic. It’s been that way forever anyway.

Check the (discount) link at the top of this forum for Legacy, a skater-owned shop that’ll keep you right.

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Thanks @buildafire i’ll check out that link and see what i can get (hopefully before christmas)

Yeah but hold fire on buying the trucks until you know the exact width of the board

Nah, 215s fit any board perfectly. Especially kids ones.

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Are 215 a reputable brand? Asking for a friend.

215 are the widest Indy’s known to man!

You could get a small budget under carriage for around £45!

Graphics scratch off! If this is a one off I might think about looking at buying a complete to skate and hanging this on the wall??

A sensible thing to do.