What trucks do I have?

Actual serious question. These are Indy 139s and I want to get another set the same but am wondering whether they are standards or lows.

Middle of the axle on all 4 wheels is like this, 50mm exactly with top of hangars about 60mm:

Indy site says lows are 48.5mm high and standards are 55mm high. But I don’t know if they are measuring from top of hangars or middle of axle.

Actually I think I answered my own question, these must be lows. I also got bones bushings in there and ride them super loose so maybe that’s where the extra height is coming from. So I’m just going to post this anyway as I’ve typed all this out and just stay looking like a bell end.

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have you changed the bushings? Lows would normally come with a softer red bushing. (i think)

edit: Just read till the end, you’ve changed bushings

I have indy 129s on phoebes board and a krooked crayon cruiser and they have red bushes. Don’t know what height they are though?

You’re in a skate shop right now, right? Measure some Indys for me!

yours are regular indies

i measure my indies and the axle is near as 5cm as you can get.

Similar to yours

Weird that they’re closer to lows than highs then. I originally assumed they were regular as the lows seem pretty difficult to get.

The lows I have here are 4.5cm (centre of axle)

Thanks Ron good to know. You tried the lows? I’m guessing you can’t really turn with them unless you’re running 48mm wheels or something

It’s all I used to ride, but I was finding it harder and harder to find them.

I’m on the regular indy’s now and I’ve not noticed a great deal of difference tbh, maybe it grinds a bit better as the kingpin isn’t as exposed.

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Got Mini Logo trucks, about 48mm height I think. Prefer them as for some reason it makes tricks a bit easier being low to the ground. Got dial tone wheels that were originally 53, probably more like 52mm or 51mm now.

I wanna say that the hanger on low Indys is slightly different…That the metal around the bushings is slightly more prominent towards the kingpin nut and the bushings sits lower in to it… And that the axle sits lower in the hanger itself… But I could be completely making that up…

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image image

Pretty sure I’m not nuts…