Where are they now?

This was a cool thread, so…

Where is John Robinson?

DITC1 Section still sick to this day

Ben Kundell? Infact, na, that guy sucked more then smedley

British Airways pilot. Still skates. Good lad.

Smedatron is a true legend. Still kills it.

Whats Mike Wright doing these days? Haven’t seen anything in a long while.

He killed it, good dude too

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@LarryPerkins play nice with the other children

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Extremely warped perception of legend my friend

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My first pro board. 7.75 Icon with a robot on it

Fond memories of Smedley snaking the under 12s at The House comp :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Transformer kind of robot?
The icon boards were sound.
Nice sizes and shapes.

Yeah think that was it. With Icon wheels and Tensor trucks, my first and most treasured Christmas complete.

Did Icon put out a video? I vaguely remember an old sidewalk ad


One of the worst videos ever.

Sam Bosworth?

Howard Cook?