Which blank deck?

Hi, I am not a skateboarder but I want to do a custom artwork on an an 8inch deck for my son in France, can anyone recommend a reasonable quality deck that isn’t too expensive. Thanks

I wouldn’t spend time on something he’ll be skating, only if it’s something to put on the wall. It will be ruined within 5 minutes.
If it is decoration then there are loads online, ebay etc that are not usable for skating but are good enough to look like a decent deck. Now, morally, is it the right thing to buy, does it harm the industry buying shit from non skaters? maybe, but is that something you’re concerned about as a non skater?
If he wants to use it then lots of skate shops have older stock, deals on shop/ company team boards you could paint over, sand and redo.

Thanks for the quick response (excellent name BTW) I would prefer to buy a deck he could use though why would you suggest it would be only for deco? Cheers Marc

Sorry flambé you have already answered my 2nd question I am a silly old man

I bought some of these last year to do some art on, they look real good but I personally wouldn’t have skated it, the holes were not drilled with care and they didn’t seem flat where the trucks would mount. They actually came from a skater owned distro company so I didn’t feel that bad about buying cheap shit.

Thanks again… Sorry for the hassle but do you think I could use copic markers or would acrylic paint be the best option?

They do come pretty glossy but are plain wood on the bottom, so I dunno, depends how viscous the markers are.

Cheers buddy I will buy 2 or 3 and experiment, thanks for the help appreciated

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Have you tried Posca markers? They could work nicely.

Thanks Ergot, from doing some research a pos ca pens and traditional acrylic paint combo seems to be the way to go. Also I am going to probably use use jart Decks and sand them down as my lad uses these.

I’d be interested to see what your end product is.
Just because I’m nosey like that.

Yesterday I sanded down an old board and then sprayed some white paint for a background before going at it with paint from a Posca and a small paintbrush. Worked well. Could do with a smoother finish, but certainly fun to do.

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cheers for the heads up on that, was gonna buy one of their pool shaped boards not long back to see if i could get away with it but after reading that ill give it a miss.