Which skateparks now open

We live in Dorset and can see on Instagram that some parks in the uk are now open again. Anyone any ideas which if any are open in the south west? Thanks

All the council ones here in Cornwall are still closed. That’s probably a bit too South West for you.

Plenty of empty car parks at the moment, if you need space to roll?

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I walked past Crystal Palace yesterday. Several of the barriers around it were down and there were a load of skaters. Apparently the police have stopped moving people on and the council aren’t putting the barriers back up so It seems there is a tacit acceptance of skating.

I noticed in one of the government briefings there was a slide saying that using outdoor basketball courts was ok, along with tennis and golf, but playgrounds were still off limits. Don’t know where that leaves skateparks.

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If it was just skateboarders, I’d say you could use the same rule as basketball, but if you added scooters to that, I’d definitely say you were looking at the playground rule.

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Hi, I volunteer as the Chair of Skateboard England and this week we have been lobbying DCMS in order to try and get LA’s to recognise Skateparks as outdoor sporting facilities rather than playgrounds.

We produced some guidance for outdoor skateparks (in consultation with Sport England) that was approved by DCMS that you’ll see here… Skateboard GB

We’re hoping that as we go over the next few days Skateparks will get a mention such as Basketball courts / Tennis courts etc.

Some people have sent our guidance to their Local Council and the Council has agreed to change their situation and open the parks so please give that approach a try. See @keeprollingcompany on insta for example.