Who wants to be a Melon Air? Isolation Edition

Yo! Going to be running an online non-pub quiz on Friday to test the depths of your skateboarding knowledge. Expect questions relating from every era of skating - so get swotting. Starts at 8:30pm.

Prizes are very generously being donated by FortyTwo Shop. So please show them, and other SOS’, some love over the next few weeks as they try and get by on online sales alone.

We’ll be running the quiz via Kahoot. Earlier in the day, I’ll post a code for the quiz to here and then input that at http://kahoot.it . The quiz will get underway fairly promptly. Kahoot allow up to 2,000(!) participants, so feel free to tell your mates. Or not, if you want a better chance of winning!


This looks rad will try to join!

Real life prizes!

Keen as a bean.

Radness! You rule @Dent_Face.

My baby is being a real dickhead at bedtime (love you mate) so it’s going to be really touch and go to make the time.

I hope I can make it and I hope the questions are all about skating from 1999 to 2003 because that’s all I know about.

Excellent quiz name BTW :ok_hand:

Gutted am working til about midnight, ah well maybe next time

Nice one, I’ve set an alarm for this

Just a head’s up for anyone playing tonight’s quiz, Kahoot seems to work best on your laptop, using a browser like Google Chrome.

Will post the Kahoot code at 8:30pm. For those not able to do the quiz then, I’ll make it available after but with no prizes attached.

Reckon phone-Chrome will work as well?

Do you have to sign up to use Kahoot or anything? Don’t want to be scrambling about trying to get an account sorted at 8:30…

Click the link and put in the code (when it’s posted)

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Might be worth downloading the Kahoot app for your phone or tablet. It’s free and the quiz seems to run smoother on this.

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Something tells me more than 10 people will be entering this. Are you on the free tier @Dent_Face?

Premium mate. Up to 2,000 participants if Kahoot doesn’t crash!



Got it. Will you release the PIN at the time?

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Yeah, basically I don’t want some people doing it before others. Will post on here for you all.

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I think I’m ready:

The variable is if I can get my son to sleep on time. It’s going to be touch and go.

Ready to go.
I’m fucked if it’s anything past 2012.

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