World Peace Machine

Looks like fellow forumer @roncalow has started up his own skate brand…


I love the red stain. Quite fancy getting one

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Looks good, Ron. Pity it didn’t come in a mystery box.

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Great, another skate company!


Looking forward to rinsing this mercilessly


+1 for the red stain.
They look really good.

I like the look of these.

I cant believe you didnt come to the forum for advice!

What wood is it @roncalow?

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Would this be good for a beginner?


Hey @Spanky , The wood is HLC. If you’ve rode a National/Skate Cafe/ Death & Others etc you’ve probably rode one

The plan was to launch in May with a big party and video but we’ve had to put all the good stuff on ice for a few months. I decided to let people know what we’re up to and have a pre-launch release for these decks.

The official release party (unknown hopefully in summer) will have the 2nd Graphics now and a little clothing line, and hopefully you’ll know about more about what we’re up to by then.

The idea for World Peace was Justin Jone’s, he’s the artist behind it. I had pitched him an idea I had for Legacy’s own thing and he came back saying this should be what you’re after. I didn’t have a name or anything, just knew I/we were gonna do something. A few back and forth’s and here we are.

@KeithBeef I’ve actually been showing a few friends (forum members included) progress throughout the weeks/months. I half knew what was gonna be said.

@buildafire Intermediate to expert only, soz boss


Alien Ron Shop

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So is there going to be a team or is this just Legacy shop brand under a different name? Will other shops be selling it?


Never tried them afaik. Must have at one stage. I’m trying to stick to one shape now, if it was a Girl G023 shape I’d be all over it

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Maybe the end goal could be that, but for the moment it’s a small project, and it’ll only be for sale at Legacy. A few shops have actually shown some interest but it’s an expensive process as I’m not doing massive amounts so it wouldn’t work out financially for anyone including the end buyer. I’m all about value for money.

As for the Team, again, I’m not working with massive amount’s of money, I’m cautious. There’s so many ballbags flashing the money and promising kids everything, big packages etc. I can’t. I’m under no-impressions of how it works. Sometimes who I think is amazing others think they’re shit. Theres a couple of sick skaters (IMO) who are backing it though and I’m hyped.

Was hoping that skaters will be into the graphics and look and buy into that though, the team will kind of choose itself naturally after that.

I’ll be honest, we’re winging it a bit, but thats skateboarding


I love it and these will be the only skateboards I ever buy again at full price.

Great job Ron. Doing it for love not money.

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Love the graphics, especially the red one. Might have to invest.

Stoked on this, 2 great dudes! I’m keen to try a deck and see if I can break away from my OCD skateboard issues.

Jart wood aghhhhhhhhhh


I’ve been a big fan of HLC for years now, consistent and real snappy. Pretty sure US companies like Sk8Mafia and maybe even Toy have been using them for EU sales

Never understood why they never opened up a US factory yet.

Aaaaand turns out there’s another one