Worst Youtube Clip Challenge

Sadly, I saw this clip the other day, and I’d like to know if anyone could post a clip that could have more cringe/be more full of cunts than this:

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Here you go


I think we can do better than this. Didn’t cringe that much

The only things I can think of are actually the best YouTube clips.


I’ve talked a bit of shit about Blodney on here. But, fairs fair, he does come across alright in that.


I thought the same man, he’s self aware enough to know that people want to hate on him and he doesn’t let it him stop him doing what he wants to do anyway. For better or worse, he’s far more interesting than the ‘i was hanging out with the good homies’ 70s psychedelic rock t-shirt, dudes.

He’s pretentious, but it’s far more interesting than a lot of skaters shtick.

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The HARDCORE PARKOUR one doesn’t belong here. It’s too good.