What’s the drama with @shubzskate on Instagram, seems to be beef saying owner is chatting to underage girls or something?

Tons of people jumping on the account. The statement wasnt clear if shibs was attacked or attacking. Especially as i have no idea who they are. Guessing theyr eLondon based?

Morphs story implies some of them are trying to creep on underage girls. Sounds sketchy

That’s one account I never knew of and what a load of utter tripe it is . Hardly surprised there’s grief looking at the content.
Just read the comments. Well there’s a surprise, not.
If it’s true they better get locked up soon cos looks like they’ll be another London statistic.

just saw this pop up on twitter.


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From my understanding, some of the guys associated with Shubz (whatever the fuck that is…I was only ever aware of the insta account) seem to have been using their Southbank sway to groom young girls.
Some of the girls are older than 16 but there is a 15 year old (Not sure if one person or many that age) victim, too.

They seem to have been drugged and have been ‘taken advantage of’.

So, raped.

Grim . Hope they get a good fucking hiding before the police get involved

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Yep. Just fucking horrible c.unts.

Little scumbags

Are there any SB regulators there these days?

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Yep. They got the good guys there running it.
It’ll all get sorted.


If that’s true then what utter scum. I also wish I could unsee that insta account :nauseated_face:

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All the allegations are here:


Mega sketchy. They also scammed a bunch of people via crypto/NFT hustles.


More info.

Jesus, that’s grim reading. Hopefully this set of c.unts get what’s coming to them.

Genuinely surprised that these types of shit cu nts
haven’t been booted from south bank or actually stabbed by real gangsters yet.

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Is that some weird crypto skate crew?

Scamming and drugging young women.

They need to be exiled from skateboarding.

Haven’t been on the links above but basically it’s a small crew of young men from south east London that skate and have a relatively large social media following (mostly teens) that punk and pranking the public/being nuisances, bit of skating sprinkled in.
There’s two that have been accused of r*pe. one of those has also been exposed as continuing to pursue girls (15, 16 and 17) via social media DM, after finding out their age. His name is Noah, and he runs the shubzskate account. Apparently he’s scamme a bunch of kids out of money claiming to be able to invest it in crypto currency.
Noah has been spoken to by one of the guys at southbank and understands he’s done in the skate community and is, for lack of a better word, banished or banned.
The other one called ant has kicked off abit, it seems.
Both are claiming it’s the work of ‘jealous girls’ but thankfully the younger generation have dismissed this.
It’s truly harrowing stuff. I’ve always found them annoying but noah seemed to be finding a genuine love for skating and I personally thought they were on the verge of growing out of the ‘pranks for clout’ attitude that they’re generation has grown up on, on YouTube videos (Logan Paul etc). Obviously I was wrong. (*edit- obviously I was wrong, and unaware of the extent of their transgressions, which far surpass being a nuisance or pranking people. I worded that badly)


The whole thing is tragic but what’s really depressing is in these situations it seems like the offenders get ousted from a scene and eventually intergrate into another and it just starts over


Let’s hope they’re also reported to the police.


Yeah I’m under the impression it has

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