Xiaomi Acton Electric Skateboard for Sale

Hello Guys ! I am selling my xiaomi acton electric skateboard which just used a few times…If you guys are interested in then please let me know
I am in E1



Is it powered by that giant mobile phone attached to the underside?

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I think you’re better off with Facebook or eBay with that mate

All that battery , dug up from the earth’s resources which it potentially damages, especially when it’s disposed all because people can’t use their fucking legs.


Call Andy Mac - he loves all that nonsense it seems

Mate ! You should not drive car as well or do not take train if it is possible to expose lool you can lose more than legs

Well considering those were made to have an engine/motor your argument fails.

Unless you’re Fred flintstone


These things are marvelous and by marvelous I mean, by showing how much of a numpty a person can look riding one.

This is the wrong place to sell one of these gimmicks I think. Better off on FB marketplace, fleabay or gumtree.