10x Electric Longboards - For Sale

I’ve just shipped in ten (brand new) electric longboards from China, and am looking to sell them here in the UK… Just wondering if anyone might be interested?

Basically, I’m an old school skater (ollies, kick-flips, impossibles etc) who had an awesome well-spent youth skating the streets of Leeds and Manchester… This was in the late 80’s and early 90’s - good times were had hunting and scouring the streets for any top spots, stairs, rails or whatever obstacle could be thrashed! And, way before any council-funded skate parks started popping up in every little town and suburb… Kids nowadays don’t know they’re born, eh?! :wink:

Ok, so I’ve wanted an electric board for a few years now, but never really did anything about it. Lockdown changed this. After plenty of YouTube research I decided to go for a top-end-but-still-in-the-budget-range board. Got my credit card out, made the purchase and waited for 2 months for it to be shipped from China… (Praying even, that I hadn’t just kissed goodbye to the best part of £700!)

I have to say, my life changed the day it arrived. 100%. This thing absolutely rocks, goes way faster that I need it to, and has just wiped away any Covid-blues in an instant! Am out on it most days its not raining! And I’m a 45 year old bloke! Haha! :slight_smile:

Has also transformed my daily commute - I arrive at work smiling and ready to go!

Anyway, I loved the board so much (and having full confidence in the product) that I took a gamble and bought 10 of them! Yes, to make a small profit. But also to share the fun and joy that this thing has brought to me.

In a nutshell, this board is the equivalent of the top of the range Boosted board, but at half the price… What is this power beast of a board?!? (Leave me a post and I’ll tell you… :wink:

Can ship anywhere in the UK mainland, and in time for Christmas!



Buying ten longboards (and expecting to sell them here, of all places) isn’t the wisest business move in an economic crisis.


Yo @OldSkool! I’ve just electric longboard’ed in ten (second hand) ships to the UK from China. They’re pretty old school, more like sailing boat kinda things. They’re a dope Christmas present, and all the kids here in Leeds at the council funded skateparks have been enjoying sailing them to school (mostly impossibles, small-haul-trout-carp-ollie-kinda-deals) so I’m gonna be doing em cheap. Hit me up! They’re power beast guaranteed.

Can electric-longboard courier anywhere in the UK mainland, and in time for Christmas!


Wow. That’s funny and brilliant… Very clever! You’re a genius even! Well done for brightening up my day! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Electric longboards. Fast. Fun. Brilliant move - you’ll see! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your positivity! Enjoy your day.






Every time I see an electric longboarder I give them a hearty Shaka Bro! 9 out of 10 times then send me one right back. Always gets me hyped. Hope everyone has a rockin day today anyway, TGIF!


I don’t think I’ve ever had a commute where an electric skateboard wouldn’t be a massive pain in the arse.


Do you need to wear a motorbike helmet and leathers with it or is it suitable to just wear old skool sk8r clothes?

Ah yes it’s like a regular longboard that’s a massive pain in the ass to keep somewhere when you get to work, but it’s electric.



three quarter length cargo shorts, rambo’d sk8 his, billabong t-shirt, quiksilver hoody, DC hood


If I admit that I’d quite fancy trying an electric skateboard just to floor it and see how fast you can go*, do I have to return my forum membership?

*Obviously with no one else around…

I’m sure this was you one day :smiley:

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100% hahaha. This thread is great. How much for an electric longboard?

Nnnnnnnice! Good man! :))))

I’m serious man… I see what you’ve done there! Lol… :slight_smile:

Totally would, but not for 700 quid. I keep thinking of that kid on the lecky surfboard in the Deathwish vid.