10x Electric Longboards - For Sale

At least we might get a documentary about it to watch

@OldSkool sell any yet?

Guessing he’s shifted the lot. Must have gone onto Slap. The most sensible place to sell ten motorised longboards, really.

We’ve missed the opportunity, damn it.


quality thread

will dm now…

me getting ready to overtake some pussy cyclists on the commute


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i actually saw someone on a electric board yesterday riding through Maidenhead High Street. Wheres he going on that i thought…then i realised…he wasnt going anywhere…he was just going round

Fair enough…

(Did you learn to skate switch on it? No? That’s probably why you got bored… Lol… :slight_smile:)

Thanks for your take on it… Easy.

Am just trying to figure out how to use eBay to my best advantage… Am gonna start there first, I reckon… Also, think I’m gonna hit FB market place too… Will keep ya updated! :slight_smile:

Now this guy is the real Sherlock!!! Nice one… Will done!

WowGo 3X is the model… (Basically, they took a look of user feedback on their ‘3’ model, and then implemented it into their next version: 3X!

The main improvements are: much improved control (acc/brake) algorithm, runs at a higher voltage to less power loss when the battery is low, the wheels, the battery/control housing improved for improved heat dissipation. And, for me?: the Paris front truck - this thing carves beautifully! Not far off carving on a snowboard…

This board (despite being a budget board) is a real feat of engineering!! It’s up there with the pro £1.5k Boosted boards! (which you can’t even get any more cos they went bust!)

So, there you go! WowGo 3X is the make 'n model… You can try buying one direct from their website and it will be cheaper… But be warned - you’ll have to wait 2 months for it to be delivered by sea! Don’t be fooled by their ‘European Warehouse’ spiel either cos they never hold any stock there… (I’ve tried myself!)

I have the stock. In the UK. Right now… Nice. :wink:

I will do @neddy! Thanks for the tip…


I have the stock. In the UK. Right now… Nice



Can barely skate switch as is, sod trying that at 17mph

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Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! That’s me!!! :rofl:

Come on peeps?! Help me out… You guys must all know some skater that’s got more money than sense, eh?! Haha! Spread the word and I might give you a cut of the profit!

How abaaaat that?!

I think everyone has shuffled their spare cash into the stock market this afternoon.


DM Hugo


Well they must have been great.


I’m not that stupid lol.