2020 New Years Resolutions: What trick you going to (re)learn?

I lost tre flips about 5 years ago due to my wrecked ankle, but since it’s been rebuilt I’d love to have them back on lock. Can do them fakie every go but forwards/in a line it isn’t happening. I’m making some changes to my setup (skinny wheels, lower trucks) all in an effort to get them back in 2020!

So what trick would you love to get back? Or what trick do you want to learn in 2020?

Knock on someone’s door and run away.


Same. I can still do them but they are not neat anymore due to only skating outside once for nearly 2 years.
There are no decent ledges around here and no one to skate them with but i’d love to have time to get my tricks back. Just basics really. I have dreams of tricks I know I could learn but i’m about 15 years off my peak ha. I think I could still do them I just need the time skating to get the tricks back in order to attempt to piece new NBD’s together. Stupid things like fakie 5-0 cab flip out. Both tricks I had on lock and once did a cab out of one so it can’t be that much effort to spin a flip and fluke a landing after 50 tries. trouble is, I doubt i’ll ever have the time to make it a reality. Probably way too ambitious.

Chill out Daewon!

Haha. Yeah I know, I have to get a decent 5050 on a ledge before that. I’m that far out of whack right now.

i want to relearn turning up at the skatepark and not feeling so self concious that i just go back home.
and fs flips.


Relearning so much shit at the moment on blocks and mini. Blunt fakies back, blunt flip ins next.

Fakie 5-0s back on blocks, so need to get back on the reverts and shuvs out.

Want Nollie Inward Heels, Nollie Bs Heels back on flat, and Nollie Bigspin Heels over hips.

Mega learn, put feet on them before but never rolled it, Half Cab Bs Flip on a quarter, now have the perfect one to learn it on. If I get that then Nollie Big Heels and Cab Flips on Quarters.

My legs feel 10,000 times better without any booze in them, but my knees can last about 2 hours of reasonable intense skating, so will see how I go. Be hyped to revisit this in 2021.

I’d be so happy with the Half Cab Flip on a quarter.

Half cab flip on quarter is a good one! Get it! I used to love them on dirty steep banks but never really tried them on quarters.

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Actually going skateboarding would be a start for me.

My body remembers how to do tricks. I just don’t go skating.

Would love to take a long vacation and skate every ‘damn’ day.

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Only really learned how to do nollie back tails recently, so maybe one with a shuv out. That and getting fakie nosegrinds (both fs and bs) down consistently.

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I’ve got to try and get impossibles back somehow. Inexplicably lost them about 3 years ago and never been able to get them back properly since. Most distressing. Land the odd one, but it used to be one of my go-to’s, where I didn’t have to think about it. I was so desperate the other night I even reverted back to having my front foot right on the nose, like when I first learnt them. Landed it perfectly first try, but fuck that, they look stinking.


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Damn, you’re so harsh with hating all my tricks haha

Ha, soz dude! What was the last one I zinged you on? The nollie pressure inward heels? :joy:

all good though, I’m very self aware skatingwise haha

A solid kick flip would be good. And a 5050 on a box or ledge. Kick flips were never a strong one for me but would nice to get them back and same with the 5050, once open a time I could FS180 out or fs shuv out to. Now I could barely get onto a box