2020 New Years Resolutions: What trick you going to (re)learn?

after a lot of mental deliberation i managed to force myself to do a noseblunt for the first time in over 5 years last sunday so going to try and relearn more shit this year

next on list is switch big heels, will report back if its possible


Relearning frontside rocks would be good.

Learning 360 flips would be better.

That’s one of my goals, frontside rock n roll. Started again last spring, nearly got rock to fakies. Other ticks for 2020:

Front pop shuv rolling
solid no comply 180s
frontside 180

Would be stoked to get all those this year!

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Also, not so much a trick, but I feel like I want to build one of these:


Do it nav! You got plans or built anything like this before?

To be honest, any tricks at the moment. Just getting out on a skateboard.

And that ^

Have been skating for 17 years. Haven’t done a single boardslide in that time.

Maybe 2020 is the year.


Boardslides are one of the few tricks I used to be able to do. On tiny rails, but still.

Mebbe this will be the year I find a small enough rail and get them back.

Don’t skip the basics!

I’d like to get backside Smith grinds on ledges back. And all the flip tricks I could do on flatground before I went through all those problems with my feet.

I want to get this line on a really long ledge/curb spot: nollie backside 5.0 back revert out and then a fakie frontside nose grind front revert out. Fakie front nose grind switch front shove if i’m jammy.

Are you a pro freestyler?!


LOL I just never did them and I’ve no idea why. Now I feel like it’s too late.

I went for my first skate of the year on Friday - it’s definitely going to take a few more to get warmed up (maybe by June / July).

I think I’m going to run through this and see if I can get comfy kickflips & pop shoves.

I could do with a copy of that!

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There were some videos to go with it and I just found they’re still online.

…if that helps?


360 flips consistently hopefully, they come and go. i’d love pivot fakies on transition though, along with proper feeble grinds.

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Ah mint, yes it does. Cheers.

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Not one for resolutions, but I’ve been skating curbs for too long, then went to Mt Hawke the other night, and realised I’ve lost all my park skills. Couldn’t even ollie the driveway. I don’t think I’m used to going fast on a skateboard anymore!! I hate that park since they remodeled it, but now I’ve realised how I’ve neglected skating parks and going fast!

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I feel this pain deep inside although I’ve never really been a park kid, I don’t like using ramps to gain/control speed

Any tips for hippy jumps? Think I’m jumping forward rather than straight up as the board is arriving after me. I’m trying it over a bench in town. Really want to get this one. I’ve been trying it tonight, maybe I’ll get a video tomorrow for pointers. Thanks