A little beginner advice please.

Hi all

After pushing a board aroud for a bit I wasn’t going to let the kids get the better of me so I have been practicing my ollies and shove it’s.

I normally ride with my right foot farwards and and been trying the shove it’s using my left foot to scoop and not really getting anywhere but switched to my right food and it feels so much more comfortable. Is this normal and is it going to kill when I start rolling and trying it?

Cheers Brian.

Welcome Brian!

What feels the most natural way to step onto your board when it’s on the floor?

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Yeah, this.

Does the motion feel any more natural if you think about doing it rolling backwards?

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Defo right foot farwards, I have done quite a lot of kite boarded years ago, so I get the stance and rolling OK, and I’m quite confident at rolling it to a power sliding 180 and keep going.

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Fakie shuvits might be easier for you. That’s if you’re right foot forward, goofy. Then you’re using your right foot for the scoop.

Do you know I hadn’t thought about rolling into it backwards, but I think I might be happier rolling into it nose first. I think I need a helmet before trying this, I’m getting ahead of myself self anyway not landing more than 3 in 10 standing still…

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Still try rolling shuvits, just start really slow and bend your knees when landing to avoid the board shooting out.

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Sorry for being a complet knob, but if I’m riding goofy and pop and scoop the front of the board, what in the hell do you call that?

Or should I stick with the standard shoveit’s first?

Welcome to the forum Brian.
Out of interest - are you a Covid skate convert?


Hi yes mate, myself and my two girls.


That’s a nollie shuvit I think. My mate finds them easier and struggles with regular shuvs.

Welcome to the forum, I got back into skating about 1.5 years ago.


How did you find this place?

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Stumbled across it looking for some advice on a board, as I was going to get a long board. I was advised against it on here and the shop I got the girls boards from. So now I’m trying to bloody kill myself and I fully blame this forum…


Ha ha.
Just rest assured that a) you won’t be the oldest person on here and b) most of us will have ruined ourselves doing a shove it of some variety at some point too.


Ah, cheers mate. My shines have taken a beating today once or twice today.

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Stoked on new posters who come with the right approach.

Maybe post a clip up on here Brian and we might be able to help.


Just so happens I opened a Instagram account today so the kids can have a good laugh at there old man.


Ha, that’s stoked me out!


Maybe loosen your trucks a bit?
I always have the front one looser than the back one. See if that makes you feel more comfortable as there will be more give when you land

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I had it my head that looser truck would make more difficult…but I will try it.