We are a new sustainable skatewear/streetwear brand. We are looking at new ways to engage with the community and get our brand out there. Currently we do most of our marketing via our instagram account but was wondering where you guys look when shopping new threads? Insta, Google, Facebook etc or?

The feedback from customers about our clothes has been extremely positive (all our reviews on Trustpilot are 5* plus loads of positive messages etc). Just need to up the exposure.

Any feedback/opinions would be greatly appreciated :call_me_hand:t3:

Let’s see the clothes then.

If the clothes are good and the designs are good and the materials are good and the pricing isn’t mental then they’ll sell. If not…

First problem, I think.

What is this? Boris Johnson telling us to fuck off, with stock Mickey Mouse hands and clown make-up? OK. People definitely think he’s a clown, but why is a sad clown telling us to fuck off? What’s happened? Is that what’s “Unprecedented”? Why is that in a synth-wave typeface, and your name on the top left looks like a watermark?

I love clothes and I wear them all the time but I wouldn’t wear this because it’s stupid. It looks like something from a market on holiday, but not funny enough to look deliberate.

Also why is it ‘Tiers of a clown’? There’s only one example here. Is this part of a series?


I took a look at your site and insta gram briefly.
The prices are ok, I think.
It looks like you went from cleaner standard designs to edgier skull imagery. Why?
Also, I presume you skate which is great but GZR is just a clothing brand not steeped in skating. That’s not criticism but more an observation which makes me hope you’re not batting the house on skaters to pick it up.
I did like this post. Carving in dress shoes at his age is a skill.

I spotted this quick diagram explaining the benefits of using organic cotton.
Are you using 100% certified organic cotton or inconversion cotton (meaning cotton sourced from a supplier who is in the process (3 yerars apparently) to get their land fully chemical free and organic)?
I ask because I read somewhere that there’s only really 1% of organic cotton available on the cotton market and it’s expensive - which doesn’t reflect in your pricing I don’t think.
Again, this is not criticism. I just grow a bit weary of people using the word organic or sustainable to justify things that aren’t. It seems like you’re fairly transparent.

But yeah, examples of clothing and links to your site and insta would help.

Also, if you want to break the skate market, you will need to make yourself visible via events and sponsoring good skaters. That’s usually how it works but today the market is saturated so unfortunately t-shirts hoodies and beanies with skulls on them - even if their well drawn - isn’t going to make a big splash.

Guessing it’s pronounced ‘Jizzer’? Why?

That’s your first problem, you don’t know what your brand is, is it skate? Is it ‘Street fashion’? You won’t be able to form a company identity if you’re trying to be everything to everyone and pleasing no-one.

It’s also usually not a good sign if you are asking for business growth ideas on a forum.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 14.11.43


Perhapos with a Scottish accent…?

I think it’;s Geezer.

Your trustpilot reviews are very good but I’m a bit suspicious they might be friends who were briefed to mention

  • good customer service
  • new company
  • vegan friendly (ink)

I might advise to chill out on the skull designs. Your shop has almost a dozen of them which makes it feel like an idea board with skulls as the theme.

Bet you weren’t expecting this sort of feedback. But you aren’t the first and won’t be the last.

We use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Everything we have is either 100 % organic cotton or a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The ink we use is water based and vegan friendly.

All of this makes our costs higher but we want to offer a better quality product without it costing you guys a fortune.

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You what? Do you think I’m incapable of reading something because I have a Scottish accent?

There’s a pretty well known rapper called GZA, so I’m basing it on how that’s pronounced.

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I genuinely thought that design was a forum PS joke


Yes it is Geezer. Long story short, while on a family holiday we came across a little skate/surf shop which is where the inspiration came from. We couldnt remeber the name of it and my son called it the ‘geezer shop’.


Like I said, my first feedback comes from a brief 60 second scroll of your indta/shop and reviews.
Just clicked on your about page and in 30 seconds I can say

NO to this. Way too many buzz words and criticism where criticism isn’t founded. Just explain how to pronounce GZR and maybe explain what a GZR is. I’m guessing a geezer being a decent but cheeky chap.

If you look hard enough, you will find sustainable skatewear out there, but what’s up with the same boring colors and basic designs?
That’s why we are doing things differently by fusing “classic” fits with “rebellious” skate culture and our own “unique vision” to create a super sick line of sustainable luxury skate wear.
Our mission is to make the world around us less boring and more inspiring.
In a world full of copies, stand out and be an original. Be a GZR.
Check us out and get ready to be Unapologetically Unboring!!!

YES to this. A much more clear and personal message.

GZRClothingCo was born from a passion for original, luxury clothing and a desire to help the planet. Our goal is simple; make high end, luxury, sustainable clothing available without it costing the world (in more ways than one).

We are independently owned and all designs are originals done in house. All our clothing is either 100% Organic Cotton or a combination of Organic Cotton and recycled materials. Our ink is vegan and eco friendly and our packaging is non-plastic.

In a bid to help the skate community, we will be participating in a number of events across the year and donating a percentage of profits to charities and projects that directly benefits skaters.

We hope you love our products as much as we do. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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I wouldn’t say we’re tryjng to please everyone. We are 100% focussed on the skate community. Whoch is why i asked the question on here. Also not asking for business growth ideas, market research is what I would say. As our target audience, is there anywhere else you guys would look. Perhaps my orginal pist could have been worded better?

It looks cheap, and dated, and it’s really unoriginal. If you don’t know why having ‘Call Me’ on clothes aimed at skateboarders in 2022 is bad, you’ve got some work to do.

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Appreciate the feedback. We’re not going to be everyones cup of tea I get that.

If it’s all organic or whatever, maybe your designs could reflect that. Trees on it or something.

Would a tshirt with a tree on it be something you would wear?

Done you an original design for free mate.


No, but plenty of people would. Assuming the organic-ness is something you’re going to continue with, you should incorporate that into your logos and shit, since if people care about that stuff they probably enjoy announcing it.

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