Advice for a old guy returning

Guys and girls looking to start skateboarding again after 30 years away. Looking for some advice on boards etc, am I best going for a complete or build my own. If I build my own what brands of components are good without breaking the bank, not sure at nearly 50 I need all the top brands. So any advice or help much appreciated

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Like everything you get what you pay for… Cheap boards are pretty nasty. Where do you live? Best bet is a good local skateshop.

If you’re not sure you could look for a second hand setup with independent, venture or thunder trucks on ebay.

Take it very easy at first, your bones won’t be used to being chucked on the ground. That said have fun!

Get something between 8.5-9" wide and spend at least 80 quid I reckon

Not sure that would get you a whole lot…

Although, there are these:

Not 100% sure what the deal is with the trucks. I’ll presume Tensor, which is probably fine for someone returning after 30 years.

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Live in Lancashire, happy to spend whatever just not sure I need the best, most expensive stuff.
Do I need Indy’s, spitfires etc or are there good brands that are cheaper

Just not sure do I go complete or build my own, not sure I really need the best gear, but don’t want rubbish

Completes are quite good value now. They’re near pro quality for under £100. Worth a look. I’d go into your local skate shop and see what they’ve got.

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I wouldn’t skimp on trucks myself. Wheels, there might be some cheaper than spitfires but I wouidn’t go too cheap. Though as others have said some of the completes are meant to be pretty good. I think Big Woodys is meant to be a good shop if you’re near there

Yeah big woodys is close enough, as is Manchester if I’m honest.

Note or Black Sheep will both give you solid, honest advice. They stock the similar completes to the above Welcome one I linked.

Seems like Black Sheep sell completes and for an extra 30 or so quid you can upgrade to Indys.

Honestly, after 30 years off, I’d not worry about that bit yet. Grab one of those completes and if all goes well, your next set of trucks or wheels or whatever can be something more expensive.


Cheers really like the look of some of the Blind completes


Just make sure you don’t accidentally mail order a 7.25" or something, I got 2 Blind completes that size for the kids

I would always try and get better trucks and wheels than on a standard complete, unless they have drastically changed in 7 years I would just find it hard to learn on, but maybe thats from going from a better truck and standing on those. Always found the shapes on those decks a bit off. Can you get something slightly more custom for £130ish these days.

I figure if you are gunna give it a go properly and confident you’ll use it like two three times a month even at the minimum for 6 months that’s paid for the investment.

Daughter has just got her 1st board so just fancied getting one again to have a go with her


May have to go custom as I’m thinking of a deck wider than 8.5, and there aren’t many completes about that are wider.
What size wheels and hardness would people recommend probably only skating at skateparks

What size feet do you have? I’m old (60), have size 10 feet and 8.5” is plenty big enough for me. There’s a tendency for older skaters to look for the kind of boards they remember from the 1980s or 90s. A tendency also to worry about balance and stability and a belief that a big board will help. I’d say let go of what you remember from last time round and try a modern board. You may be pleasantly surprised.


I’ve only got size 7 feet, use to skate a 10 inch back in the 80’s tried the daughters 8 and that’s way to narrow for my liking

I have two boards. My main board is 8.38” with loose trucks. But for bigger terrain where I want greater stability I have one of these - Madness Skateboards Sam Beckett model. It’s 8.75”

What wheels and trucks are they

Trucks are Ace’s, wheels just go for Spitfire / Bones if you wanna go cheaper.