Advice for a old guy returning

Yep. As Neddy says, they’re Ace trucks. Ace AF1 66. Wheels are Spitfire Formula Four Conical Full 99a, 58mm

The other consideration is, what kind of skating do you see yourself doing? You mentioned mainly skateparks - so would you see yourself mainly just cruising around the park, learning ollie-based tricks in the street area, or riding the ramps/bowls? And if you could picture yourself a year from now, what tricks or techniques would you hope to master?

Thinking of maybe ramps and bowls more likely lip tricks, not sure I’m up to much more than that, but maybe try some street stuff Ollie based stuff

smooth empty flat car park - get your sea legs back first before the skatepark!

We have a big empty car park very close which I plan on using, once I get a board
I take the daughter to it to get her use to manoeuvring around on her board

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I wrote this curb skating gear guide the other day. I’m gonna do more for cruisers, old guys, vert…

Might help?

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That helps. Pure street boards typically have a a short wheelbase - around 14”. It makes for a tight turning circle. Imagine wheels on either end of a 6ft plank, then imagine wheels on either end of a dinner tray and you should be able to picture the difference wheelbase makes. For transition skating- ramps etc - some people prefer the stability you get from a slightly longer wheelbase- maybe 14.5” or 14.75”. Vert skaters may even go for 15”. I’d be inclined to look for a modern board rather than a retro 10” wide ironing board - maybe 7.5” or 8.75” wide. I mentioned Madness skateboards earlier. Might be worth checking out their site. They’re geared towards ramp and bowl skaters.

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Thanks for the help, just seems so much more stuff available these days than when I finish skateboarding 30 years ago. Happy to spend the money getting something good but just don’t want to get something then think I prefer something else. Hopefully taking the daughter to a girls night at ramp city at the end of the month where big woody said I could try a few different boards that he has set up. Just to give me an idea of widths

Don’t over complicate it.


In nearly 40 years of skateboarding wheelbase has never been an issue for me. And if you haven’t skated since the 90s I wouldn’t start losing sleep over it just yet


Yeah, whatever you choose if it’s harder than you remember or just not going as easily as you hoped it absolutely won’t be the fault of your skateboard.


That said, endlessly talking and thinking about skate gear more than actually skating is a key feature from your 40’s onwards so carry on. At 16 I had hours and hours to skate every week and skated all kinds of shit setups cos of lack of funds. I now have immaculate nice gear and no time to skate :man_shrugging:


So guys I’ve got myself a setup. Only just starting to get on it as I’ve still been suffering with my bad back. So wish I’d never stopped skateboarding 32 years ago, but I did. Finding it hard getting back on the board, so after any advice from you guys to help me back into it. Any good videos or tips online to help

@Philbleasy where are you located boss?

I would just go out and cruise. Do not watch Braille videos.

Relax and take it easy. Slow pace. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling.

And as @Neddy says, say no to braille.

Or any video which has some gormless shithead with his mouth wide open as it’s screencap/thumbnail and you’ll be alright :smile:


It’s feels so strange being back on a board.
I can skate about ok, tick tacking, can do kick turns low on transition
I use to push mongo and trying to get away from that and it feels so weird

Not really my neck of the woods.


Get pushing, always push with your back foot.

Feel comfortable on your board you aren’t 12 anymore, and we don’t bounce at our age, so just get comfortable with how you feel, turning, pushing etc before heading to obstacles.

Perhaps start with rolling down gentle flatbanks and then move steeper.

Then you can move on to kickturns etc.

I don’t really know what you got down already to suggest things.

I’m rusty as fuck last 2 years haven’t skated as much when the last decade I was out 4/5 times a week easy. (I’m 33)

But I need to get comfortable again!

Post on here mate - everyone is welcoming, get involved as you will always learn about skateboarding. Post your clips etc people are down to help.

Also parenting, gardening, financial investment, mortgages etc.

What’s wrong with Braille videos?

Shit content, shit advice.

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Ok no problem, just wondered