Alex Moul really needs your help

This was hiding in plain sight In pointless topics. I don’t think it deserves to be in there. I’m not sure on the forum’s policy on bunging up go-fund me shit but in this case I think it should have its own thread.

As someone who’s been lucky enough to have lived in to his fifties without ever having the need for any dental work at all, not even a filling, I can’t really get my head round how horrendous having that situation going on with your teeth must be. The implications of not getting that sorted, and quickly, could be very, very serious.

Chuck him a few quid everyone.


Nice one.
For the record - Alex made basically fuck all from being a pro skater due to peaking far too early and the inevitable lack of money management that you’d expect from a 16 year old pro skater living in England in the very early 90s.

He definitely needs the financial help.


Jesus, that’s gnarly. How do people even afford to live in the US if that costs the best part of 20k.

My wife’s had a couple of implants in the UK and they were £2500 each. So even though £13k is a substantial amount of money I don’t think it’s that out of wack to put right Mouly’s problems given that US medical costs are quite often absolutely mental.

Alex’s procedure isn’t cosmetic, it’s essentially a lifesaver. I guess that just means pulling out what’s left, making sure he doesn’t get sepsis and hooking him up with basic dentures, (the sort that live in a glass on the bedside cabinet overnight).

Damn, that is messed up.

Generally, how are people at looking after their teeth? I know a few skaters in their 40s who have had teeth trouble and I am starting to worry. I haven’t been to the dentist in years.

Brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush. Before brushing use interdental brushes and dental tape. Rinse with mouthwash afterwards then brush. Brushing in the shower means you can go to town with it. See a dentist twice a year and the same goes for a dental hygienist. That’s always been my deal - never even had a toothache.

It’s luck of the draw to some extent. That and genetics maybe. Not smoking or drinking pop/ booze probably helps too I guess.


I haven’t been to a dentist since 3rd year of uni, so 2010.

Have never had any issues - occasionally some gum pain which goes away if I use mouthwash. I’ve got a bit of plaque tbh, which I should probably sort out but I fucking hate the dentist experience but Moulys photo has scared me.

My dentist told me to use these instead of floss and tooth picks . Best thing I’ve done cos the amount of food they clean out is amazing. Toothbrushing doesn’t get food out like these do so massively help prevent decay round the gums


@Chopper Yep, they’re the puppies.

Anyway, back to Alex. Help a brother out UK heads.

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Fucking hell is that his actual teeth. Haven’t seen Alex in a minute, what a legend though.

That link needs a NSFW tag


Man that photo is gnarly. Poor guy must be in agony. How did he let them get in to such a state?!

Alex literally lived in his friend’s shed until very recently.
No electricity etc.
It was at the house with the BYB mini ramp in it.
He’d been living like that for a good few years.

Recently he got married and seems to be living a much better life but when Horse and I used to go to Cali regularly he was just about surviving.
I guess that takes its toll in a country without free healthcare.


Damn man, life is such a bummer sometimes. Alex was that guy in the early 90s, everywhere, killing it, making a name for himself. To hear he was left living in a shed with no teeth is heartbreaking. It’s not his fault, he was so good and it should really have taken him to a better place than that.


Ashamed to admit I didn’t think it was real when I first saw the gofundme.

If Andy Roy can get gifted some new gnashers, im sure Alex will be gleaming by summer, If not, fuck skateboarding.


I reckon - certainly hope- that this’ll be done in short order.

As someone who could end up in the same place, it’s easy to get there.

I have really thin enamel.
A disjointed childhood.
Dentist retiring after making some serious mistakes.
My parent getting ill when I was a teen.
I didn’t get dental care from mid-teens to late 20s.
The dentist was NHS but didn’t give a fuck, constant rotation of dentists, who have moved around so often you could never get a working relationship with one. Total plate spinning.
Waited 4 years for an xray.
They said it was too dangerous to extract facing partial face paralysation / broken jaw.
Waited another 3 years for a specialist, and they literally laughed and said to go back to the normal dentist.
Told my dentist and they canceled 3 appointments, then sacked me off their list for not showing up for my appointments.
I went private a few years ago, but covid and cost had me doing my own repairs.

It’s going to come to a head in the next few years, my dentist now is just fixing bad previous repairs and I wont be able to afford much more.
It’s really bad for the ol mental health/confidence.

Fuck the luxury bone tax.

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I see a dental hygienist every 6 months and they always check everything, so if anything needs to be done it’s taken care of real quick. Oral hygiene is super, super expensive here but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Hoping Mouly can get this shit sorted ASAP.
Fuck the American healthcare system.

Hadn’t been to the dentist for about 6/7 years and finally did it last year, had to get one out, root canal, and a few fillings and was around a grand. Been on a payment plan which is chill.