'Alright, OK'

New Vans video starring Gilbert Crockett and Elijah Berle is premiering at 1am. Looks like it’s going to follow the format of the other post-Propeller pieces (two main parts with a montage between). Pre-emptively deeming it thread worthy because:

  • Greg Hunt is directing
  • Gilbert’s a powerhouse with a good eye for spots
  • Elijah’s gnarly
  • Justin Henry is going to have a part of some sort (also deserves to be pro)
  • Danny Garcia (‘Reverend Baron’) on the soundtrack
  • There’s probably going to be a ton of trouser talk following it


Interviews with Gilby and Elijah about the video: Alright, Ok


My housemate just called him Elijah Dolittle.
Made me laugh anyway.

Would be cool if they premiered it earlier so we Euros don’t have to wait until tomorrow after work to watch a new Gilbert section.
11am Pacific time, 2pm on the East Coast, 8pm in Europe, 9pm in the UK… Everybody’s happy.

American hegemony, blablabla, nothing new.


I’m torn between staying up to watch it and saving it until tomorrow so I can watch it and go skate afterwards.

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it premieres at 2 in the morning here and I have to get up at 6, going back to work after 2 weeks of self-isolation and a week of PTO. No way I can watch it. I’ll enjoy it with a post-work beer tomorrow.

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It’s rare for me to properly buy a skate video these days, I bought propeller and rinsed that for pre-skate stoke, hopefully this’ll be the same

I think he writes those things in because there are white cunts in life that feel they can use the word but he’s just got that face and can’t hide his glee when he’s allowed to do something wrong.


I hope Baron’s music has improved since he became a reverend.
The Extremely Sorry soundtrack was shit, and can be bought on CD here if anyone is interested: Baron – Flip Skateboard's Extremely Sorry Soundtrack (2009, CD) - Discogs

Unrelated, Reverend Baron is Danny Garcia and an acoustic guitar. Or it was last time I interviewed him for Sidewalk about it.


Yeah, it is. Him and Austyn Gillette played together for a while under the moniker ‘Part Friend’, and I believe Garcia played most of the additional instruments on Austyn’s album ‘Sensorisk’ too.

As we’re on a Greg Hunt note, with a skaters who are also musicians tangent, Duane Pitre’s music is cool.

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sorry, I was being facetious cos I found it funny to imagine Greg Hunt + Vans getting in the guy who did the Extremely Sorry soundtrack.
<3 Danny Garcia and Gilbert Crockett and am excited for the video.

Original soundtracks are never good. Never.

Prove me wrong.

Peep This was alright. Wouldn’t listen to it on its own though.

Mr Dibbs doing the Habitat music was a good fit.


Stayed up until 4am when Hunt live streamed all the unseen b-roll from Mind Field. The later it gets tonight the more likely it is I’ll stick it out for this…


You should be able to claim the time back, right?

Counts as work.

Other than the Lemmy version of Stand By Me for Rowley’s section. I might be in a minority but I reckon that’s great. The rest is pure shite though.

Same. Still like that. Some songs just don’t need covered but that worked well.

I quite enjoyed Lance’s song.
In terms of original soundtracks, these were great: