Andy Anderson - 'Crazy Wisdom' video part

Not your average footage dump part… Andy Anderson new Powell part.

Where’s fixation on plastics when we need him?

Filmed like a Braille YouTube video.

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Couple of gems in 11 minutes of stink

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Fuck that was sick

On paper I hate him, but he can skate anything and I can’t help but like him

90% of the tricks are not to my taste and the helmet, the shoes, ugh, but he’s so good.

Interesting he had to put, what, nylon webbing on the multi kink corner rail to slow himself down (controversial). And sick he shouted out everyone that inspired every trick in the part.

Thoroughly entertained through that and would watch again (but probably won’t)


Music, editing and 90% of the filming were god awful.

That double kink with the corner and the tape to slow him down on the top doesn’t count, right?

The b-roll was just overkill.
It felt like a Tik Tok compilation rather than a video part.
The GoPro footage didn’t help take away from that feeling, either.

It probably would have been a fairly heavy 3 minute video part.
But it wasn’t.
But then am I really expecting decent presentation from a dude who continually presents himself in the worst way possible?

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So you liked it too? great


I don’t quite get all the hate.

So many mental tricks.

If I was new(ish) to skateboarding or stuck in a trick/spot rut, this part would blow my mind.

Currently listening to his nine club (out Monday) and it’s got some craziness in it. He’s devised some crazy grip tape with a map on it for all sorts of popping and credits Versace for maximizing the “snooze button” spot.

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Totally agreed.

Reading your comment before watching was actually good, because it wasn’t all that bad. I mean, it was terrible! you’re right, it was awfully presented but it was done by a youtuber who films/edits for youtube. It was always going to be a vision from a few people that worship Andy… Cringey as hell. BUT, as far as Andy’s tricks, goddam! as circus as most of them are, what he can do is incredible. Much in the same way as I can get over the Strobeck effect if the skating is incredible I can get over the instatube effect in the same way.

The slow down tape on the rail IS weird but that rail is unskateable normally I reckon, speed would shoot you off that bend. Maybe he should have just left it or maybe put it at the start or credits as a gimmick rather than trying to make it legit in the edit.

Is taping rails going to unlock new spots?

Mostly filmed on iPhone apparently.

Stoked he thanks the kid who got in his way at jkwon and all the construction workers for building the spots

Yep. Completely.
That’s why I said it’d be a good 3 min video part.
Some of the stuff - as corny as it can be at points - is insane.

Here’s my view on the rail tape…

Don’t show it being taped.
Ramp the slomo so it’s hard to tell how slow that first part of the rail is.

Every video hides things to make the skater look better.
Do what you gotta do to get the trick done and present it in the way which makes the skater look unfuckwithable.

It’s not a far stretch to go from Bondo or gardening at a spot to make it all work to then end up making a rail more sticky using some tape.
I’m sure people here have used griptape offcuts to take wax off of a rail or to rough it up a bit so it doesn’t grind so fast.
This isn’t really that much different…

To really labour a point; this is the same as that old Hinson part. Hinse doing some insane shit, but then the filmer focussed on all the work they did to build the run ups out to make it all easier to skate and it just took away totally from Joes skating.

Houdini never gave away how he did his tricks.
Neither should skaters.


really good point

yeah if they hadn’t laboured the tape on the rail so much it would be more of an interesting afterthought rather than something they are blowing a trumpet about so it can be called out

Great example with Hinson


No it doesn’t that fucked me off. That’s past Berra levels for me. Tape to slow you down?

At least the Hinson one was only about 4 million homemade run ups and roll outs in a country with minimal good handrail spots - but yes that was dead.


Felt like it never really got started and then it was over.

Honestly didn’t dislike or like it. Just another forgetful part in a sea of forgetful parts these days. At least he was honest about putting the grip on the rail I guess?

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Kinda disagree there. Yeah it’s not that far off from adapting a spot in more typical ways as you mentioned but ramping the footage to make it look false? That’s just straight up lying. I think they did it right in making it known but they missed the point in how people will react to it. In order to cut down criticism, just show it as a feat that you wanted to do and treat it as such in the edit as I mentioned before but not as a fully legitimate idea for a traditional video part trick. BUT, then again, you can argue that he’s far from traditional and he doesn’t give a shit what any of us think, he’s on his own journey and the people that appreciate it, appreciate it.
We can still watch and have our opinions but I doubt they are going to take any of it to heart.

Music was shite too, youtuber made west coast dre meets a very light DJ shadow for most of it and then some pleasant enough guitar lick that went a bit counting crows and when a little guitar mistake happened, I couldn’t unhear it. A re edit in a really fun way, taking out the poor filmed bit could have been a rewatcher for sure.

I’m all for Andy Anderson. The unwritten rules of skateboarding just don’t apply to him. He is the anomaly. I honestly barely get through any video parts longer than 3 minutes these days but I could have watched a 20 minute part of Andy’s and not get bored. You just don’t know what’s coming next. Obviously the presentation is a bit stinking but that’s not what you watch an Andy Anderson part for.

I also met him once skating Venice Beach and he’s just the nicest guy.

Can imagine he sounds like a cult leader

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I was ready to hate this, but then I thought, if it was a Japanese dude in great trousers and no helmet, would I have enjoyed it more? And the answer is yes. But I still hated this.

I think the problem I have with AA is the presentation. I can’t deny his skill and his clear love for skating, that’s cool. But the fucking helmet gimmick, the skate savant personality, the fan base, the terrible editing and way his skating is packaged, it all comes together to make him really jarring.

If this had been edited down as people have said, it would have been a much ‘better’ part. I enjoyed the darkslides, I liked the backlip front foot impossible and the ender, despite his habit of showing off for non skating public.

Actually, as I’m writing this, I don’t actually think any of it was that groundbreaking despite what the comments would make me think. His ender was basically done in the Jacuzzi video. The rail he had to slow down on could be done full speed by anyone on Creature. Danny Gonzalez did half his tricks without a gimmick 20 years ago - which is fine, kids aren’t going to be watching DG parts, it’s just the ‘look how quirky and groundbreaking I am’ attitude/marketing that bugs me


He’s actually got a natural and fairly decent style.

The trick selection and helmet are bad though.

Good part.


The worst thing about that 5050 with the tape on the rail is that he stops dead twice during grinding. Fucking stinking. Redo pal.