Andy Anderson

Not watched it yet.

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Skateboarding will never look good using that hideous shape of his.

The 2 massive handrails were the only good thing.

Line at 4.20 was good.

Wearing a helmet skating flat is odd.

Why is there trick acknowledgment in the credits?

Don’t all YouTube skateboarders go overboard with the captions?

I dunno, I don’t touch any of them. One Braille video and that’s it, feed completely fucked.

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That was sick. Never heard of the guy but really enjoyed the edit, lots of mad surprises along the way. Like that daft long THPS ledge combo, flatland freestyle, mad long handrails or the line neddy mentioned.

He’s obviously very talented + imaginative + the helmet on all the time adds to overall oddball feel. Won’t be watching it again but stoked it’s out there.


There was some gnarly handrail skating in that. The freestyle stuff is really skillful, think he was freestyle champion once. Not all of it was my cup of tea but I enjoyed it.

Absolutely hideous, loved it! Well, I didn’t, the edit was shite, music was YT level DIY tepid hiphop, fucking awful. Some of the slower tricks should have not really been in there or in some credits etc but some of that stuff is really fun and he looks a state. I’m stoked on him being such an outcast. He’s got some bonkers skill.


Only guessing based on the thumbnails.

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Yeah that was so much fun to watch. Stinking <> bad.

I actually like that he wears a helmet too.

I think thats the same rail Frankie hill skates in ban this?

Would make sense he was thanked in the trick acknowledgements.

Trick acknowledgements in the credits are interesting, it’s kinda like a “further reading” section, or bibliography of references/quotes at the end of a book.


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Yep, me too - Scott and Charlene’s wedding is literally all i can think of when i see that guy’s name.

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I rate that he stays true to his style no matter what. Chomps some massive rails and there’s some genuine tech gnar in there. The line with the match 10 front foot impossible down a big set and then a perfect tre down another big set was legit as fuck. He could clearly be another normal street or park skater if he wanted to and he’d be instantly forgettable

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I didn’t watch the credits before, didn’t understand what people meant with trick acknowledgements, I though he listed the tricks out like 70’s artists listing the gear they used on an album, or like Aphex did with Syro, that would be the ultimate geek showing. But it just looks like he’s shouting out the inspirations to what makes him do what he does. Respect to them. Fair enough.

He’s good, and very consistent. It just feels like he doesn’t have much personality and although he is doing big rails and tech tricks it comes across as vanilla to me.

I guess acknowledging it is better than a load of internet geeks calling him out for trick plagiarism