Any Old Guys

Newbie here just joined,still going strong skating at 54 started 1977,anymore older guys on here??.


What do we count as old? I have no hair (on my head)

39 so no spring chicken, but practically a baby compared to you ;). Went for a skate last night and it was great. :slight_smile:

The age range on here goes up too early 40s so far, as far as I know?

Does 46 count as early 40s? :crossed_fingers::hear_no_evil:


MAS had a few of us now sadly shitting themselves & eating from a straw :roll_eyes:

Does middle age shred still exist Lazyskater? This thread / that forum / our old forum made me appreciate that age is irrelevant and we’re all just big children. I meet a lot of older skaters and the spirit is definitely willing even if the the flesh is weak

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MAS Still going buddy but almost dead,shame really it was thriving some years back.Agree TA’s still ripping it at 61.

I remember MAS doing a game of skate sort of thing via the forum. Didn’t take part but it was fun to watch. We should try and do that here

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Those games were ace! I still owe a few tricks from the last lot. :laughing:

In Melbourne, I often skate with a group of 5 or more guys all well into their fifties.

A guy that lives in my neighbourhood is 56, skates 3-4 times a week.

There’s an article in an early '90s Thrasher about old dudes who still rip and one of them is 26.

And now, the little kid from Video Days still will be 43 in a couple of weeks. And he still rips.

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I remember thinking the 17 year olds were old! Now I’m 41

There was some really good pool skaters in their 40’s in the late 70’s in the UK,surely there still not ripping it :smirk:.


41 yo who got back into skating about 3 years ago now.

(Former sidewalk lurker. First post - hello there!)


33, overweight and unfit, hurts when I fall over.

29 / Beer Belly / Got two hours in me at best / Renewed level of fear


42 and an arthritic knee after injuries and surgeries so I don’t skate anymore.

I got to skate with you a few years ago and you killed it.

It’s sad to hear you are no longer able.