April Skateboards - Shane O’Neil

A couple of known heavy hitters but also some unknown rippers with different styles.

My initial reaction is positive and that this could be an all round good company.

Have no issue with the name or graphics and this video is a quality introduction.


Bold first song choice but one which ultimately reflects my thoughts on this company: it’s a bit naff.

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Whole things feels a bit soulless at the start and then drags on.

Don’t speak ill of George Michael.

Absolutely fantastic introduction and bold statement.

Skating’s undeniably excellent. Yuto’s and Ronnie K’s stuff in particular. But this video was interesting for just how little insight it gives into what the vibe of the brand is going to be.

Is it a no nonsense, straight-up skateboarding brand? Or have they not settled on a direction yet?

I think everything has to start somewhere and the vibe I got was all around ripping and variety.

The board graphics seem good.

This is a million times better than Daewon and Pudwill start up, which was based around a backside tail slide and some rip off graphics.

Should I have heard of half of these skaters? Think Yuto is the only one, Ish sounds familiar, dunno why



You win the internets

‘Careless Whisper’ is such a great song.

Didn’t work in this video. At all.

is it meant to intentionally make you think of April O’Neill?


Yes! I thought this. Though Casey Jones might be cooler…

Not the best graphic I’ve ever seen.

I’m into it

for some reason i’m kind of into all of this.
and i hate everything.

(app the ‘kerning’ on the logo board is ‘off’ and is ‘not good’ according to my housemate)


like the name and quite like the team graphic board, quite clean looking with the blue and white. not a fan of his Pro graphic though

I’m not really keeping up. I thought Primitive was his own company? Or is that P-Rod’s? Have they fallen out?

I agree, the others look really good:

No P-rod is primitive, they are still friends but Shane wanted to do his own thing AFAIK.

so…Yuto is pro now?

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