April Skateboards - Shane O’Neil

and if he is pro, does that mean he’s literally turned pro off of the back of street league? does he have any actual video part with any company?

Have you not seen any of his street stuff?

i have a real bad memory for things i’ve watched but where is it? might’ve watched it and totally forgotten

wait was he the kid that came to LA for a day and five-o’d that massive aluminium rail?

It can be found on Youtube, some I’ve seen before, some I haven’t.

ah yeah it was him that five-0’d that rail. apparently he was on blind, who knew

i dunno, not trying to be a dick or anything, i’m surprised if he’s been turned pro

He’s incredible. And he can 540 like a motherfucker.

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theres a vert section of him and its virtually penny-esque.
also footage of him at that thrasher sxsw ramp thinger and he kills it.

but is he pro? Foy and Zion stacked clips HARD. they were everywhere in the years they turned pro. Yuto did street league

Thinking man’s Plan B.

If his name is on the bottom of a board, yes.

There’s no way they could be as influential or groundbreaking as OG plan b team. Maybe the half arsed version when they threatened to bring a new video out for about 3 years straight

no i meant more like, should he be pro. it really sounds like i’m hating hard on him but i like Yuto, i just don’t like the idea of someone turning pro off the back of street league (if that’s the case)

Benny Fairfax went pro for Stereo off the back of coming second at The Battle at the Berrics, shit happens, haha.


I was thinking of the current Plan B. I agree.

I’ve wanted to make that comparison as well.

He should be pro yes, he’s basically the best right now.

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eh fair enough. i respectfully withdraw my moan

Yeah he should go pro based off magazine coverage and full parts in full length Vid…



yeah i realised how dinosaur i sounded when i started moaning about street league which is why i made the foy/zion reference. fuck it

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Yuto has had loads of stuff out which I have seen and I don’t really watch that much stuff.
He should def be pro.