Baker Has A Deathwish 2


Oh, god.
Was in a meeting last night so couldn’t go to the Slam premiere…
And now…back to back all day.

What can I cancel?!?

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Save it for tonight. But run around all day with head phones and a blind fold on to avoid spoilers like a cheap sit com plot.


Lunchtime viewing sorted.

Oh word

Decided to WFH today to watch this.
No meetings till 10 let’s go.


It’s really enjoyable! Hard to keep people engaged for 67 minutes in 2024 but Reynolds has done it.

One small negative: needed more Rowan


can’t remember the last time i HAD to watch a vid the second i woke up.

loved it.

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I’ll watch it because I have time once kids are in bed but i’m not expecting to be into it.
And that’s not to be a grump for the sake of it, I just don’t get anything from their output.
I think it’s because Beagle is the fakest weirdo I have ever seen.

Steamer did not disappoint. Stupid thing to sayreally. She never will. 49 and an absolute endless inspiration. Will watch the rest later.


Switch front nose was impeccable

who is the first and last part?

Ehhh…Watch now and pretend to be working?

A very rare take.


Yeah one thing to not dig the brand, totally normal to not like Beagle, but the output?


Flew by. Big Pinch, fucking hell. The best of Amerikka. Warms the cockles

I may like the odd skaters bits if they were separated. I like to see Reynolds skating obviously.
We’ll see, ha.

Why don’t you watch it, now stay with me here, BEFORE you put it down. Lol


There’s a lot of skating/companies that don’t do it for me but if you genuinely can’t get excited by baker/deathwish I don’t see why you even skate. Proper skate rat company with proper skate videos to get you hyped to proper skate

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I’m not putting it down, just saying any full length they have done hasn’t hyped me. It’s me, not the vid.

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