Be kind rewind

But then Brian Howard and Mike Frazier were never Think

It also looks like it was edited around the same era, so its not a new edit of old footage.

Random…but really sick.

That footage looks like it was in Static 1 or EE3…?

Not EE3, for sure.

No I’m tripping…
It’s much later than EE3

Found it…

I noticed Wade was wearing a Fox tee but I didn’t think much of it as it sort of fits him, along with John Deere or Peterbilt and the like, but here’s why.


Excellent sleuthing.
Wade was sposored by Muddy Fox I think because of dirt biking.
Or long hauling…?

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Fox Racing in this case - different company. Muddy Fox was a UK MTB company. This is, as you say, the dirt bike MX company.

Got a Pavlovian urge to presume anybody called that is a bad person now.


L.A. County (2000).

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Been digging in the tapes and unearthed some rarities.
Western Edition Lookin Ahead DVD (2003)
Support Western Edition, Ian Johnson and Brad Johnson!


Underground video by Mark Brandstetter during the Philly golden era.

Support Mark:


Removed some tracks because of YT claims. Just put some dope beats on in the background and enjoy.
Static (2000) featuring Jeff Lenoce, Paul Zitzer, Sean Mullendore, Forrest Kirby, Joel Meinholz, Jacob Rupp, Washington DC, The Desert, Tampa, Miami, Philadelphia.
Filmed by Josh Stewart.
Support Josh over at
and here:


Re-upped this lo-fi footage of the Girl team at a demo in Lyon France from 1994.

Featuring Mike carroll, Eric Koston, Rudy Johnson, Jeron Wilson, Tony Ferguson.
Filmed by Fred Mortagne.

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I have a soft spot for Western Edition. Only thing wrong with the Lookin’ Ahead DVD is that the print on the spine is the wrong way round and so you have to put it on the shelf upside down, grrrr.

Sort of related: Stream #35 Everyone Has a Gift (w/ Jabari Pendleton) by Vent City | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Last one. Skate Nation by Danny Minnick. 1999.

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Damn the Natas one…oh wow.

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one of those I’d not got round to watching. mind-boggling


Took him a couple days to do apparently. And yes, it’s a single take

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That was unreal! What a champion.

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