Be kind rewind

@Spanky ah, nice one!

@franc the trick consistency…
filming it can’t have been easy either


Wow, that My War edit is even better, totally amazing

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It’s seriously one of the most awe-inspiring skate vids I have ever seen.
I find that far more impressive than any banger that took 5 or 6 3 hour missions to film.
Technically, anyone could do any trick if they tried long enough. Doing that though… Fuck, the SSBSTS at J. Kwon alone is a banger. Mental.


More classic Natas

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This guy has been steadily posting gems for s while now.

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read about this guy in Free. an enjoyable part of solid street skating

No idea how I ended up watching this part tonight but I’m glad I did. Such a solid bag of tricks, good style and even the song didn’t annoy me as much as it did when it came out. Must be getting old.

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MT as a kid was pretty sick. It’s just that as he grew up, that space which was meant to be filled with personality and ideas just was left as a void.

It became quite apparent about 8 minutes after Mind Field was released. There was some trace of old MT, but most was gone.

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Hadn’t seen that one in aeons. Yorkatron skating to The Talking Heads. So good.


Yorkatron is good vibes. I was reminded of Grant Patterson recently, still some of the cleanest nollie flips and tres ever committed to film and he went BIG too.

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Never paid much attention to him, he looked like a rollerblader.
I’ll check these sections out soon, thanks.

Grant Patterson is a G!

@llllloyd ’s pic of Coco Santiago posted in the insta thread jogged the ol’ memory…


great video.
pretty sure I got to see this because of man like @chasone

extremely stoked to find some of the Tommy G tracks on vinyl sometime later

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Didn’t this get premiered at the same showing as Second Hand Smoke, right before the main event?
Or maybe it was something else…

I don’t know. To the best of my knowledge both came out in ‘94, so it’s a definite possibility. Although, initially, they seem like an odd pairing, I could see that working as they’re so far removed from each other.

I got given a free copy of Amigos when I bought a 40s backpack and tee - I think it was probably the shop promo copy and the dude wasn’t feeling it. I lent it and Supreme’s first video, A Love Supreme, to someone years ago and they never came back.

Yeah, odd for sure but the pairing would have just been done by the distributor.

Thats rough losing both of those videos!

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