Be kind rewind

I suppose they would have both been available through NDUK, so that makes sense.

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Those are some big tyres.

Anybody got a copy of this? Bit of a long shot I expect… Not sure it ever actually existed.

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Wow, that’s a curiosity. I didn’t go that much on Sk8 Action, (nevertheless I inadvertently ended up buying it each month), but have absolutely no recollection of seeing either that ad or the video. If someone does have a copy please upload it to Youtube.

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Same. I suspect it may have been advertised slightly more than it actually existed. Although I’m sure the footage exists. Or existed.

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Hope this is the right thread for this, but I got Underexposed uploaded again once I figured out the export settings + it’s on my other channel for archiving vids.

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I got Sk8 Action reguarly 89-91ish but don’t remember seeing that. Is it from before then?

It’s from December 1990.

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A nice reminder by Swift Blazer of Travis Stenger’s magic.

When I rewatch his footage I just realised how similar his style is to Chris Roberts in his prime. If Crob had a bit more agression in his skating they could have been on the same page.

Stenger - The road rage Crob

Crob - The single speed Stenger

*spits tea Crob’s had his moments, but he’s never been anywhere close to Stenger’s league.


It’s the statuesque form and balance on tricks coupled with the gear.
Stenger’s switch flip (and bs flip) over the bench are so powerful but Crob did switch manual (with a flip) the stage at the courthouse a bunch…?

Travis Stenger was sick. There were so many amazing skaters in Toronto/Canada in that era.

Russ Milligan, Morgan Smith, Ted Degros…

All kind of overlooked considering how good they were.


I know what you mean, they’ve got a similar arm style on some tricks

Travis Stenger became one of the greats with a single part. Crob couldn’t even be measured using the same scale.

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Ben Chadbournes vimeo has loads of great edits, really enjoyed watching both of these again.

There is something about Hjalte’s skating that I can never get enough of. I think maybe it is the way he never seems to lose speed, he can do a full ledge back tail, and somehow he comes out just as fast he went in.


A couple of fellas on the Instagram surprised this existed. Maybe people haven’t really seen it:


Always liked Wade’s part in that

Just because.


Very random start to my day by watching Rodney vs Daewon 2.

I haven’t seen this video in a long time (20 years?). Even though it isn’t a video I would highly recommend, I did pick up on a few details:

  • Rodney probably has one of his last and most technical street parts in it.
  • The video came out as skate trends were going from massive cargos and clunky tech shoes to spray on jeans and handrails which is probably why it got relegated pretty quickly.
  • Marc Johnson does the most perfect nose manual nollie varial heelflip at Pier 7 in a line.
  • Chet Thomas does a half cab nosegrind revert on a decent size handrail.
  • Enrique Lorenzo and JB Gillet shit on just about everyone with their style.
  • Filming and camera use is all over the place and the excessive insertion of ads/promos for every possible brand under Dwindle (Droors?) makes the video feel like a branded version of 411vm. Again this format doesn’t help the watching experience.
  • World Industries X games helicopter cash dump and straightforward announcement that the team was getting switched up to Deca is good for a laugh.
  • Daewon giving us an appetizer of what he was about to unleash in Deca’s 2nd to None.

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