Be kind rewind

I watched this again recently! Loved it.

It would have been under Giant Distribution then. Pre-Dwindle/Globe ownership.
Giant also owned 411VM, so that makes even more sense in terms of feel.

Blind section in that is my favourite music/skating interface ever.

So banging.


This is so good still that it managed to elicit a ‘no real discussion’ from Crob on the Nine Club Dune episode.

Come on man, be fair. Can’t expect Chris Roberts to want to talk about a video he’s never heard of, let alone seen.

That’s a fair point well made. What was I thinking?

He can hardly remember the videos he’s been in, let alone other people’s.


Probably because it’s been that long since he filmed anything.

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Had a bit of a Leo Romero binge this morning. Don’t think he’s ever put out anything bad – one of those pro’s who just gets on with it and consistently puts out top tier skateboarding.

Also, love the fact he’s wearing basically the same outfit in these 3 thumbnails, despite them spanning 15 years.

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