Be kind rewind

Researching video parts and this one isn’t bad.
Slam at the start is probably what shortened Wade’s career… At the same time, to quote fellow Canadian’s at The Bunt, what Wade attempted had to be a bunt.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen this MJ part either…?

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The whole video which this comes from is great.
We had a copy at the skatepark when I worked there, late 90’s.

I think it was on the Bonus Round DVD as an extra with a load of the older Tilt/NC videos.

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That slam made me feel sick, not sure how you’d get back on after something like that. Curbs and ledges only?

Mad thing is that when I wanted to tag Wade to my insta post this morning, I saw that he had posted this.

Has anyone done a trick on this?

I was obsessed by this Stereolab tune when I first got the album. Haven’t listened to it in years until now. Time-warp goose-bumps.

I want to see Paul Silvester’s attempt to ollie the stairs at Brighton Amex…

I’m not 100% on this but iirc that clip was in Viewfinder 2. Man zips past, ollies stairs in slo-mo, kicks board out, on landing smashes paving slab(s) with his feet, looks down then looks to camera and says, completely deadpan, something to the effect of, ‘lucky it weren’t no bones’, gives wry smile, starts walking back up the stairs. Lucky he’s got metal legs really.

Edit: I’ve had a bit of a think about it and I might be wrong about it being in VF2. I have a feeling it might have been in a Brighton/ Level scene video, (possibly an Alan Glass one). I know exactly which clip you meant straight away though. I don’t think he had a second go. I have no idea if anyone else ever gave it a crack. I have a vague recollection of hearing a BMXer tried it - unsure of the outcome there though. When I was in Brighton one time I took a look at it, skate spot tourist style, and rolled towards the stair set just so see what it looked like irl. It would have been like jumping off a cliff…

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The original 56k video is one of my favourites but just peeped Trust and it’s got some great meme/easter eggs in it.


Forgot PJ used to be on Adidas

Funny how neither are on DC anymore.

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20 minute moment of mid-90s nostalgia.
The white shoes - baggy denim era.
The perma-hat Creager era.
The peak HB park era.
The era where guys like Josh Neher, Marcus Bundy and Tom Krauser got a name credit alongside Jeremy Wray, Ed Templeton and Tom Penny.
Pretty sure Daryl Grogan made a couple other videos during this era.


I went to that park once. Skated it for all of five mins before spending the rest of my time there in the Portaloo opposite the park shitting through the eye of a needle then sleeping in the car.



He made a video called Live Animation, which I had.
Was okay. Probably full of gold looking back now, but at the time his videos just seemed like random collections of clips by whoever was about that day…

All shot on Super-8, wow? Lots of good stuff in there but Jazz really doesn’t go with vert skating, huh?


So good! McCrank was incredible back then. Still is. His footage on Insta is kinda rare but always dope.


Just watched Beware Of The Flare again for the first time in aeons.
Fair amount of Rick Howard, Wu Welsh and Pops. Too much slow mo but it took me right back to 2002 or whenever this came out. Yesyesyes.


Depressing that I’m now older than Rick is in this video despite being the age of the kids at the signing when it came out

Yeah man, thought about that too, back then those guys were American pros, heroes, and now they look like kids compared to us. Kinda weird. Oh well.

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