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Hahaha oops my bad

Is there any new footage of Mike Wright kicking around?

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Not new but probably unseen - a friend of mine recently found a load of old footage from 2004 that basically had a full Mike part and he’s going to be putting it online later this year, I think.

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So stoked - I saw Interpol last night and they played every song I hoped they would. Naturally, had to go watch BA in ‘Yeah Right’ for the thousandth time this morning. I can’t hear the line “We can find new ways of living,” without picturing his backside flip at 3rd and Army.

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nice, seeing them tonight.

My favourite two lines at 1:10 possibly ever.

Love the way he winds up for the front Smith and lipslide. Let alone the power slide

Took me years to unhear the opener to some Chilli Peppers tune which sounds almost identical to that Interpol tune. But yeah, banger, obviously.

One of my favourite sections ever! Up there with Renaud in Mosaic. Dude was so elegant on a skateboard. His trick selection was fantastic too.

I don’t know much about Brian Clarke. He was in that Jenkem article about skaters who went to university and I watch this section again every once in a while for the backtail shove out at 0:48 alone. I don’t know if he had sponsors but I always thought he was well Habitat (spots, kits, trick selection… saying that in a good way obviously!).

Two of my go-to clips to watch.

Can’t believe the Travis Stenger one is 13 years old! Best fakie flip look back.

I love me some Stenger

That Stenger clip contains a couple of the best switch flips ever committed to tape.

He’s so good. Lovely tre flip. When it rotates more like a push it. And fs flip. In fact everything. Amazing skater.


Never heard of or seen Stenger.
I like his height appropriate pop to his tricks.
Really clean and precise.

stoked this is online.
Channer and Frank’s sections are notably brilliant

The list of skateboarders that can do a sw heel f/s tail270 is very short, you’ll be hard pushed to find on better than at 0:50 .

RIP Ashton :raised_hands:t2:

Bit of Plan B nostalgia

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