Be kind rewind

how is Lucas Puig tennis champ, street gangsta and beachside lorathio all at the same time


Weirdest video description. First full length?

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Two fried eggs right there.


Anything by Scott Johnston is worth a re-watch but this is a favourite. Best arms in skateboarding and subject of the best skate photo ever too.


Surely you mean this photo (also Scott Johnson)?


That’s a nice photo of a parking meter I suppose.


Peter Hewitt wants a word.

Peter Hewitt…ok. Good shout, he’s a bit ‘Fighting Irish’ but fair enough. Thought somebody would say Antwuan.

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To be judged as “best arms”, you have to do something with them.

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Marc Johnson gets my vote


I set myself a (stupid) challenge of posting a single video part every day for one year. The parts are the lesser known/ shouldn’t be forgotten or straight wicked parts. Every once in a while I’ll have themed weeks (Japanese skaters, duets, creative…).

Right now I’m sweating away in +30 degree heat and saw today’s part was Mike Manzoori and Kyle Keeper’s Rain or Shine part from Etnies. This part is a cool antidote to the heat. It’s also a short videography masterpiece. The under board street gap comes to mind.

I link to my site and the yt for those who can’t be arsed to check what else has been posted.

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One of the best switch heelflips of all time.


Would have loved to see this guy’s skating over the years. RIP Justin Case.

Always liked that one, really good stuff.

This one was dope too:

He’s not dead? Login • Instagram

(That’s a genuine question, that seems to both be him and an active account if you look at the tags)

That’s weird. I was certain the guy had passed away.
Maybe he went to prison or something?

Just found this which explains.

@navitronic on this occasion I accept any criticism you have of me.

I feel bad. Glad he’s still alive. Still highly rate the 16 part.

When City Stars fell apart I kinda simultaneously had a pretty serious knee injury, which I couldn’t afford to fix with no insurance at the time. PRod and Mikey were on other companies now - I think girl and AWS? Anyways a lot changed overnight and I was outta the game with an injury that I couldn’t fix. Anyways skip forward like 4 months where I’m actually pretty much healed to the best of my knowledge. I got back on a board and it seemed like almost once a week I was popping my knee out and it would be sore for like a couple days and then I could start rolling around and skating. To make a Long story short I was over hurting my knee once every other week. I know there’s rumors I did this and I did that. Well yeah, I started taking pain killers for an injury and shit progressed to really strong street drugs. Which turned into legal problems and a prison sentence. Such is life I wouldn’t take it back for anything. You live and learn. Either way my knee wasn’t allowing me to skate the way I liked to.

Can I save it for a more egregious example of you being a knob? :joy: (I kid, I kid)

Perhaps, you are thinking of Joey Poirez? the birdhouse am that passed away due to drugs.

I just remember one minute Justin was there and then he wasn’t. And what with peers and media talking about him in the past tense it wasn’t obvious.

On a completely other topic, listening to the Mostly Skateboarding podcast, they were discussing girl/chocolate teams and the Rhythm/Planet Earth teams and it made me think that as a top tier camp, Crailtap maybe looked towards Kayo as their grooming grounds to pick and choose talent to ride for them. I could easily see Chany, Karl, Jack etc riding for Girl or Choco.

Hopefully that thought is relevant to this nostalgia themed thread.

Naming your kid Justin Case.