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The issue finding thread has got me reminiscing…

I got Welcome To Hell and Mouse for Xmas 1996, wasn’t allowed to watch them until everyone had gone to bed Xmas day, first part in Welcome To Hell was like an injection of gnar, remember thinking “He’s skating in Traffic!” “He just got straight up after that gap!” “How the fuck did he ollie that wall?” all to a Misfits soundtrack… and he hadn’t turned pro at this point!

Remember really wanting his first board, but then ultimately didn’t get it because it was an 8 and that seemed way too big…


he had a good Kingpin interview.
tech that is neither clinical or sloppy rotten is rare.

(keep the Euro gems coming! pretty sure skateboarding is Brexit-proof, in soul at least)

I got it through an older mate who told me it was incredible. Barley skating to Sabbath, Maldonado skating a rail landing in some stairs, JT’s opening line at the Brooklyn Banks, a friends section to Somebody To Love, a religious twat calling Satva a son of a bitch, a dude nobody had ever heard about bluntsliding Hubba, Ed destroying a testicle, a girl that came out of nowhere and skated rails… It sounded incredible, and it really was! Watched it so many times.

It’s in my top 3 with Video Days (and Mouse or EE3).

I still regularly listen to London Dungeon, it reminds me of this vid and how psyched on it I was as a teenager. I even have a Misfits tee that I never wore because it has a weird fit (fuck Gildan) but it was 5 quid in HMV and I can’t chuck it away. Haha.



° orders bottle of white °

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WTH is a monster, so so good.
got to wonder whether Muska’s part would have changed the vibe

So much better without it. Shit happened just right for it to come out as it should have. I reckon anyway.

Tyler Surrey is so underrated. He often skates to good songs and his tech lines in SD schoolyards are never boring, which is rare these days. Check these ones out (0:18 and 1:08). So ill. The nollie noseslide at 1:38 is incredible too. Well, everything he does is. I love the nollies over that wooden thing at 1.00ish.

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What happened to Eman?


Dunno, but he’s a proper DH when he’s had a drink.

That William Phan part with the mirror line :heart_eyes:


Very cool vid.


TDGAFAU 100% favourite video ever ever ever.


@voodoo forgot how good this was :slight_smile:

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I posted this on the old forum but it had me so hyped.
It took me 15 years to figure out the vocal sample used in the Luy Pa Sin section.

Otis Reading - Think About It.

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It hit the nail on the head perfectly and not just with the title! Towards the back end of the 90s I always preferred the UK/European scene and videos over the yank stuff so many people where killing it and only a few were getting any recognition from the USA then puzzle dropped the euro video magazines and changed the game suppose TDGAFAU and the Cliche vids is the pinnacle of that era in a sense. The Puzzle VMs are all on YouTube some of the quality of the early ones ain’t up to much but definitely worth trawling through them.

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I love how Tyler Bledsoe can make combos that don’t work on paper look good, like the Smith to switch K at 3.00. He films most of his video parts in Portland too which is rad. Spots up there always look good on film.

Yeah you know wassup

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